NBC’s Smoking Crack!

It amazes me how companies do things to piss off their (most fervent) customers. NBC has altered the start and end times of some of their Thursday night shows apparently to keep TiVo (and other PVRs) users from recording certain CBS shows. Here’s what they’ve done:

  • 8:00 Friends

  • 8:48 Will & Grace

  • 9:27 Coupling

  • 9.59 ER

The effect of this is that if someone has ER as a higher priority than CSI (9 – 10), then CSI will not be recorded because it conflicts with ER by one minute. However, if CSI is a higher priority ER won’t be recorded. TiVo users can manually tweak their schedules to record both shows, but it’s likely that many people would never even know about these conflicts until after the fact. The result will be a lot of pissed off people. (Of course those with dual tuner machines may not have this problem at all.) My guess is that NBC will shoot themselves in the foot with this madness, especially in the cases where people have the CBS shows prioritized. I guess this is the type of ish we’ll have to put up with as the networks try to fight the incursion of PVRs into the mainstream.


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