Digital Mackin’

There’s a pretty interesting article in the NY Times about BlackBerries and the dating scene in Washington D.C. It talks about how pervasive the devices are and how they’ve largely replaced telephone conversations for macking. As one person put it:

It’s made it much more efficient, much more direct,” Mr. Donnelly said of the effect on his love life. “A 15-minute phone conversation can be abbreviated into a 10-second, one-sentence e-mail.

And you know true players are all about efficiency. That reminds me of a good friend of mine who hated taking on the phone. He’d always tell women that any phone conversation with hime should take less than 5 minutes. He’d be like “unless you’re calling to tell me you’re one your way over here we have nothing to talk about.” LMAO.

Of course all of the stuf fin the article applies to text messaging in general. I know I’ve found myself doing some of the things in the article on my Treo. Like there’s no need for a late night booty call when you can text message instead. (Of course if you want to wake the person up a call will likely work better.)

The devices have given Washington professionals a way to Ping-Pong witty messages back and forth with potential love interests around the clock. The BlackBerry’s mobility makes exchanging personal e-mail at all hours a lot more convenient than using a computer, and it offers protection from the awkwardness that voice communication can present.

Never mind liquid courage: this is digital courage.

“You no longer have the classic dilemma in Washington, which is such a conservative town: `Is it too late for me to call?’ ” Mr. Cabrera said. “Instead, you can simply and safely send a Berry. If they are awake they will respond, and if they are not, they won’t.”

Mr. Donnelly, the wireless executive, has also found his BlackBerry useful when the telephone fails him. He once saw a romantic interest walk into a bar and immediately called her on her cellphone. “I saw her look at the phone and put me right to voice mail,” he said, still indignant. But then he sent her a BlackBerry message, which made her laugh and prompted her to walk over and find him.

Congressional aides, whose average age is under 35, now flirt via BlackBerry in staff meetings, often right under the boss’s nose. For those who do not want to raise the eyebrows of friends, the device offers a discreet way to coordinate leaving a bar with someone. And many users testify to the effectiveness of the late-night Berry overture — a short, apparently innocuous inquiry (“What are you up to?” or “Where are you?”) sent at an hour when calling might seem too forward.

Ah, you’ve gotta love how people put technology to work! I bet DC will really be jumping off now that they have DodgeBall. They may even start their own version of toothing. Maybe I should name it now — DodgeBallin’, or Ballin’ for short. 😮

Bill Cosby on Tavis Smiley’s TV Show Tonight

Another ‘set your TiVo’ alert. Bill Cosby will be on Tavis Smiley’s show tonight (it also airs tomorrow afternoon here in Atlanta) discussing his recent comments that got everybody up in arms:

The legendary Bill Cosby addresses the controversy over his recent comments that were intended to be a call to action to “turn the mirror around on ourselves.”

Update: There’s a transcript and audio of the Cosby interview on Tavis’ site now.

FrontLine: The Way the Music Died

Set your TiVos for FrontLine’s special report on the music industry, ‘The Way the Music Died’. Here’s what the show is about:

The modern music scene was created in 1969, at Woodstock. Half a million fans, dozens of artists, and the politics of the times came together as a big bang moment that eventually would generate billions of dollars. But over the last twenty years, MTV, compact discs, corporate consolidation, Internet piracy, and greed have contributed to a perfect storm for the recording industry. FRONTLINE examines how the business that has provided the soundtrack of the lives of a generation is on the verge of collapse.

The show airs May 27th.

Also be sure to check out “What’s Wrong with the Music Industry in One Long Sentence“.

Dirt Cheap Magazine Subscriptions!

PFBlog has some great tips for finding amazing discounts on magazine subscriptions. They point out some deals at eBay and at

For example, check out this deal at eBay for 2 and 3-year subs to 13 different magazines for only $4.99. (***Note: That specific deal is gone but that seller has new ones all the timeand there are always great deals at eBay’s Magazine Subscription Category.) Some examples at MagazinePriceSearch: Wired for $0.33/issue, PC Magazine for $0.23/issue, Vibe for $0.33/issue, GQ for $0.33/issue

I’m about to do some serious subscribing!

Update: See below for some more deals
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Marcus Dixon on ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’

Those of you who have been following the Marcus Dixon story be sure to see the current episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Here’s what’s on that episode (which is running several more times over the next week or so):

Marcus Dixon

In a major development following REAL SPORTS’ probing report last fall on the imprisonment of Vanderbilt football recruit Marcus Dixon, the Georgia State Supreme Court overturned the aggravated child molestation conviction against the former high school star May 3 in a 4-3 decision, throwing out his ten-year prison sentence. The conviction for statutory rape, which still stands, carries a maximum one-year sentence; on May 4, Dixon, now 19, was released after 15 months behind bars. Bryant Gumbel returns to Rome, Ga., to interview Dixon and update his Emmy(r)-winning October 2003 report, which sparked national interest in the case. Dixon, who is black, was 18 when he was accused by a 15-year-old white student of raping her in a classroom of Georgia’s Pepperell High. He maintained throughout the racially charged trial that the sex was consensual. The severity of the sentence shocked many involved in the case, including several jurors who had found Dixon not guilty of the more serious charges of forcible rape, false imprisonment, sexual battery and aggravated assault.

Correspondent: Bryant Gumbel

Greek Drama?

Home to the first modern Olympics in 1896, Athens, with its spectacular landscapes, ancient ruins and vibrant culture, was a dramatic and exciting choice when it was named the site of the 2004 Summer Games in 1997. Now, with less than four months until the Games begin, wary onlookers have expressed concerns that the city is ill-prepared to host. In addition to transportation problems, a significant number of Olympic venues remain unfinished, potentially leaving less time to install security measures. Greek officials, who have said they are spending $1 billion on Olympic security, insist everything will be in place in time for opening ceremonies, scheduled ominously for Friday the 13th. REAL SPORTS, in collaboration with Sports Illustrated, travels to Athens for a closer look.

Correspondent: Bernard Goldberg.

Landing on Her Feet

Yuliana Perez, the reigning USA Outdoor Triple Jump champion, beat overwhelming odds to become a 2004 Olympic hopeful. She was born in Arizona as an American citizen after her parents migrated to the U.S. in the 1980 mass exodus from the Cuban port of Mariel. Her father had a criminal record and was imprisoned when Perez was a toddler. When she was five, her mother was tragically killed by a stray bullet in a drive-by shooting. After stays in numerous foster homes, Perez went back to Cuba, where she lived with relatives and became a national junior champion. In spite of her talent, Cuban officials dropped her from the national team before the 2000 Sydney Games because, she says, she refused to renounce her American citizenship. Perez made her way back to America, where she had no home, no job, and spoke very little English, but never lost sight of her goal to compete in the Olympics. With the U.S. trials coming in July, Perez, who now lives in Tucson, may be only a few jumps away from her Olympic dream.

Correspondent: Frank Deford.

All three of those stories were excellent and well worth watching. After seeing the Olympics story I don’t blame any of the athletes who have pulled out of the games due to security concerns.

Dunnys are Invading NYC

I just saw a picture of a dunny in the latest Complex Magazine which led me to KidRobot is “a site devoted to bringing you the best in urban vinyl action figures. Specializing in collectible vinyl toys, 12″ action figures, mini figures, mini remote controlled cars, and more.” That may not sound like very exciting, but they do have some very unique & interesting looking items on the site.

And then there are the dunnies which led me to the site in the first place. Here are some pictures of dunnies from the Dunny Exhibition at the Visionaire Gallery in New York.
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German Couple Finds Out Stork Isn’t Real

I saw this story in this morning and thought it was a joke:

A childless German couple finally found out why they weren’t able to conceive — they had never had sex.

Doctors at the Lübeck campus of the University Clinic of Schleswig-Holstein (search) in northern Germany described the case in a medical bulletin, according to

After eight years of marriage, the 36-year-old man and his 30-year-old wife went to the campus’ fertility clinic to figure out what was wrong.

Doctors gave them a battery of tests and were baffled — both husband and wife were healthily fertile.

Then came the important question.

“When we asked them how often they had had sex,” said a clinic spokesman, “they looked blank, and said: ‘What do you mean?'”

He went on to explain that each of the pair had been brought up extremely religiously and had never heard of the birds and the bees.

“We are not talking retarded people here,” the clinic spokesman said. The two “were simply unaware, after eight years of marriage, of the physical requirements necessary to procreate.”

The man and wife are now being given sexual therapy. The clinic is trying to find out if there are other couples in the area who could use a refresher course in human biology.

Update: Snopes seems to think this story is an urban legend and/or hoax. So maybe my original thoughts were right.

50 Years Later and Still Segregated

Since today’s the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education I thought I’d point out that while we’ve made some progress, our schools are largely still segregated, especially here in the south. I grew up in Southern California and attended one of the country’s most racially mixed schools. I’ve been amazed at how segregated things are here in Georgia and the rest of the southern states. Case in point, this school that had three proms, one for Whites, one for Blacks and another for Hispanic students. Isn’t that crazy? And that’s no fluke, I’m constantly hearing about schools here having separate proms.

Last week Tavis Smiley had Blair Underwood and Sharon Baker on his TV show to discuss their new documentary With All Deliberate Speed: The Legacy of Brown v. Board. (Check for broadcast times in your area.) The ‘legacy’ section of the film’s site gives a quick run-down of our current situation.

I’ve ‘liberated’ a couple of other Brown v. Board articles(see below):
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