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Digital Mackin’

There’s a pretty interesting article in the NY Times about BlackBerries and the dating scene in Washington D.C. It talks about how pervasive the devices are and how they’ve largely replaced telephone conversations for macking. As one person put it: … Continue reading

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Bill Cosby on Tavis Smiley’s TV Show Tonight

Another ‘set your TiVo’ alert. Bill Cosby will be on Tavis Smiley’s show tonight (it also airs tomorrow afternoon here in Atlanta) discussing his recent comments that got everybody up in arms: The legendary Bill Cosby addresses the controversy over … Continue reading

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FrontLine: The Way the Music Died

Set your TiVos for FrontLine’s special report on the music industry, ‘The Way the Music Died’. Here’s what the show is about: The modern music scene was created in 1969, at Woodstock. Half a million fans, dozens of artists, and … Continue reading

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Dirt Cheap Magazine Subscriptions!

PFBlog has some great tips for finding amazing discounts on magazine subscriptions. They point out some deals at eBay and at For example, check out this deal at eBay for 2 and 3-year subs to 13 different magazines for … Continue reading

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PSA: Update Your Windows!

Just a friendly reminder to run Windows Update on your computers frequently, especially those of you without firewalls. I’ve been on the phone the last couple of days with friends who’ve gotten faded by the latest worm(s) out there. PSA … Continue reading

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Grief WITHOUT Closure

Here’s an article about my friend who was murdered in March. (I’ve copied the text of the article below)

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Marcus Dixon on ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’

Those of you who have been following the Marcus Dixon story be sure to see the current episode of Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. Here’s what’s on that episode (which is running several more times over the next week or … Continue reading

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Dunnys are Invading NYC

I just saw a picture of a dunny in the latest Complex Magazine which led me to KidRobot is “a site devoted to bringing you the best in urban vinyl action figures. Specializing in collectible vinyl toys, 12″ action … Continue reading

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German Couple Finds Out Stork Isn’t Real

I saw this story in this morning and thought it was a joke: A childless German couple finally found out why they weren’t able to conceive — they had never had sex. Doctors at the Lübeck campus of the … Continue reading

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50 Years Later and Still Segregated

Since today’s the 50th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education I thought I’d point out that while we’ve made some progress, our schools are largely still segregated, especially here in the south. I grew up in Southern California and … Continue reading

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