Countries I’ve Visited

create your own visited country map or write about it on the open travel guide This one is really sad. I’ve only visited 5 countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and Brasil. Some other places I’d like to visit: Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Spain, Portugal, Cuba once it’s legal of course :-), Trinidad and Tobago,… Continue reading Countries I’ve Visited

States I’ve Visited

create your own personalized map of the USA or write about it on the open travel guide I’ve visited 26 states. I think it’s a trip how few of the northern states I’ve been to. That probably has a lot to do with my dislike for cold weather and the fact that I don’t know… Continue reading States I’ve Visited

Brasil Carnival Coverage

I hate that I missed carnaval in Brasil this year. Looking at the coverage on the web just makes my pain even worse. But hey, I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ll have to start making plans to hit it next year. Here are a couple of sites with some good coverage. Terra’s Carnaval 2004 Gallery… Continue reading Brasil Carnival Coverage

Back on the Block

I’m back! The flood of hits from me posting the Janet pictures sucked up all of my bandwidth for the month. That forced me to make the move to a new host which I’d been putting off for months. Once my domain name transfer went through I embarked on the fun & exciting task of… Continue reading Back on the Block

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Is the United States an Empire?

There’s a very interesting series of articles on the BBC’s site asking whether the United States is an empire. The answer (yes!) seems clear to me, but there are good arguments on both sides. Be sure to check the reader comments at the bottom of the articles.

What’s on My Treo 600

I’ve now had my Treo 600 working for about a month and I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice to be able to call, e-mail, IM, SMS, and browse the web from one device. My number port still isn’t right, as some calls still ring on my land line, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Sprint… Continue reading What’s on My Treo 600

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My Bro, the Nerd! lol

I just noticed that my brother, Tony, got a link from Nerd Nation’s Nerds Bookmarks page. Pretty impressive that he made the list and Gizmodo didn’t. I know he’ll be happy for the exposure, but I wonder how he feels about the nerd thang. 🙂

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Hell of a Game

There’s nothing like a good college basketball game. I just finished watching the Duke/North Carolina game. That game never disappoints, and tonight’s 83 – 81 overtime win by Duke sure lived up to the tradition. I can’t wait for the rematch in a few weeks, and this type of action is making me itch for… Continue reading Hell of a Game

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