Countries I’ve Visited

This one is really sad. I’ve only visited 5 countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas and Brasil. Some other places I’d like to visit: Ghana, South Africa, Egypt, Ethiopia, Spain, Portugal, Cuba once it’s legal of course :-), Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Panama, Belize, Japan, Dominican Republic, China/Hong Kong, Colombia, Venezuela, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Australia…

So little time (and money), so much to do.

States I’ve Visited

I’ve visited 26 states. I think it’s a trip how few of the northern states I’ve been to. That probably has a lot to do with my dislike for cold weather and the fact that I don’t know many people in those states. My favorites would have to be Cali (where I grew up), Hawai’i and Florida. It’s a damn shame that I still haven’t been to Illinois. I have many friends in Chicago and I’ve been telling myself for years that I was gonna hit the Taste of Chicago but I always seem to miss it. I’ll have to get to Chicago in the near future.

I Guess I Should Vote for Kerry

I just took the quiz over at President Match and it turns out that I’m a 100% match with John Kerry. Kucinich was a 98% match followed by Sharpton at 92%. GW was dead last down at 31%. Too bad Nader wasn’t included in the results. I’d like to see how he would rate considering that I wasted my vote on him 4 years ago. I’m also surprised that I’m apparently so aligned with Democrats. I’ve always considered myself middle of the road. Looks like I need to reexamine myself.

Brasil Carnival Coverage

I hate that I missed carnaval in Brasil this year. Looking at the coverage on the web just makes my pain even worse. But hey, I’m a glutton for punishment. I’ll have to start making plans to hit it next year. Here are a couple of sites with some good coverage.

Oh yeah, I had to throw in this ‘G.W. Bush as Pinocchio’ float from Germany for good measure. The writing on his nose says “Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.” 🙂

Back on the Block

I’m back! The flood of hits from me posting the Janet pictures sucked up all of my bandwidth for the month. That forced me to make the move to a new host which I’d been putting off for months. Once my domain name transfer went through I embarked on the fun & exciting task of installing Movable Type and rebuilding my blogs. I think I have everything back to normal now. Since I’m in the MT tinkering mode I may make some changes to my blogs in the near future. There are a few plugins I’ve come across that I’d like to try out and I have some layout changes in mind as well.

What’s on My Treo 600

I’ve now had my Treo 600 working for about a month and I’m really enjoying it. It’s nice to be able to call, e-mail, IM, SMS, and browse the web from one device. My number port still isn’t right, as some calls still ring on my land line, but that’s a whole ‘nother story. Sprint finally got SMS sending from phones enabled, so that’s been a real nice added feature. I’ve come across a few great applications that I think no Treo 600 / 650 owner should be without:

  • KeyCaps600 – This application makes it a lot easier to type on the Treo’s keyboard. It allows you to do things like the following: Instead of having to hit the ‘option’ key to type special characters (for example Option-B types #, Option-N types ?, etc.) by tapping a key twice. So I can type a question mark by tapping N twice. KeyCaps600 allows you to type capital letters by simply pressing and holding the desired key. Functionality like this should have been included with the Treo, IMO.
  • Simple Profile Manager – Here’s some more functionality that should have been standard on Treos. This allows you to create profiles on the Treo such as ‘silent & bright’, ‘silent & dim’, outdoors, meeting, vibrate only, normal, etc. You can name the profiles whatever you want and set how the phone rings, whether or not it vibrates and how bright the screen should be. A great app.
  • Chatter – This bad boy is a real winner. It allows you to communicate with your contacts via IM, e-mail, and soon to be SMS, via one interface. So I can go into Chatter, and see which of my contacts are logged into AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger and ICQ. I can choose to chat with them via IM or send them an e-mail from within Chatter. All communication with that person, be it via e-mail or any of the IM apps will be shown on one screen. So it looks like a chat window even though the messages could be over any of the supported communication methods. This requires a paradigm change for users, and it has proven to be controversial. I’ve see that many people want the e-mail and IM parts to be separated. I actually like the idea that they are (sort of) converged. I like to think of just communicating with a person regardless of the underlying medium.

    The other major thing that Chatter allows is more or less instant e-mail communication via IMAP. If you have an IMAP enabled mailbox you can have your e-mail pushed to your Treo. This gives the Treo functionality very close to that of the highly acclaimed CrackBerry BlackBerry.

  • Mobile Portal – OK, this isn’t a client-side app, but I thought it was worth noting. I’ve found a few of these portals which are streamlined for mobile devices.
  • QSet (Added Feb. 7, 2004) – Allows you to set the JPEG compression level for the Treo’s camera. (Thanks to the Shifted Librarian for the heads up on this and a ton of other apps which I’m still checking out. And thanks for the link!)
  • SandMan (Added Feb. 7, 2004) – Another app from the creator of Chatter. This one lets you thurn off the screen while on a phone call. This is yet another feature that should be standard. (hat tip to Shades of Gray)
  • RadioControl (Added Feb. 7, 2004) – Allows you to set on/off times for the phone (wireless mode/radio). For example, you can have the phone turn off automatically each night and turn back on in the morning. (hat tip to Shades of Gray)
  • Java (Added Apr. 9, 2004) – They’ve finally released a Treo 600 compatible Java runtime engine. This opens up a ton of existing Java applications to be able to run on the Treo 600. Here is the TreoCentral Java thread.
  • A whole bunch of (free) Java applications & games (Added Apr. 9, 2004) – That link will take you to the TreoCentral thread which has many games in PRC format — ready to run on a Treo. Here are some other sites with Java games/applications — Free MIDlets from Spruce Technologies,
  • Piranha PriceCheck (Added Apr. 9, 2004) – This Java application allows you to do comparison shopping from your phone. You can access Amazon’s database via Piranha to get prices and reviews. (A Treo version is in this thread at TreoCentral)
  • iNoah (Added July 12, 2004) – A nice English dictionary (140,000 words in only 63 kb) which is optimized for the Treo 600.
  • iPedia (Added July 29, 2004) – A very cool application that lets you access WikiPedia’s content. Danger, this app is addictive. Try it and you’ll be hooked.
  • Life Balance (Added October 2004) – A time & task management application that takes a different approach than most software in that arena. I decided to use thi sto help me implement David Allen’s excellent ‘Getting Things Done’ productivity system.
  • Passwords Plus (Added November 2004) – Passwords Plus is the easiest way to keep track of your confidential information on your PC, laptop, Macintosh, handheld or smartphone. Now you can keep your PINs, passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, frequent flyer info and more organized in one location and bring it with you wherever you go. And because all your info is protected by strong encryption, you’ll have peace of mind that your data is safe and secure.

That’s all for now. I’ll probably add a RSS News Reader and a blogging client once I find ones that I like. There’s a ton of info on other applications at the Treo Central forums.

For what other people have on their Treos see these sites:

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Hell of a Game

There’s nothing like a good college basketball game. I just finished watching the Duke/North Carolina game. That game never disappoints, and tonight’s 83 – 81 overtime win by Duke sure lived up to the tradition. I can’t wait for the rematch in a few weeks, and this type of action is making me itch for March Madness.

Janet Makes Internet Searching History

According to Lycos, Janet’s Super Bowl incident is now the most searched thing in history. I’m not surprised given the flood of hits I’ve received from search engines. I knew I was gonna kill my bandwidth, but this is nuts.

As an aside, who actually uses Lycos??? 🙂

Janet Makes History
February 4, 2004

Janet Jackson exposing her breast during the Super Bowl halftime show on Sunday night has proved to be the most-searched event in the history of the Internet.

On Monday, Janet Jackson and the halftime show received 60 times as many searches as the Paris Hilton sex tape and 80 times as many searches as Britney Spears. Jackson was searched 50 times for every request for the topic that normally dominates on the day after the game, Super Bowl commercials. She also received 275 times as many searches as the streaker who ran on the field before the second half, and 350 times as many searches as Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady.

Janet Jackson wasn’t the only person involved in the stunt, of course. Justin Timberlake received 40 times as many searches as he does on a normal day.

Prior to this week, the most-searched event in the history of the Lycos 50 over a one-day period was the September 11 attack on America. Although it is very difficult to compare searches for the two events, it looks like the Super Bowl halftime show was the equal of September 11 when it comes to Internet attention. That is, to put it bluntly, mind-blowing.

Why is it difficult to compare? The Super Bowl halftime show was a single event. Searches revolved almost entirely around two phrases, either Super Bowl halftime or Janet Jackson. Everybody knew exactly what they were looking for.

On September 11, however, nobody really knew what they were looking for. Confusion about what had happened, not to mention multiple attacks, caused Lycos users to search for a huge number of different terms, from the places attacked (World Trade Center, Pentagon, New York City) to those attacking us (Osama bin Laden, Taliban) to a hoax about a prediction of the attack (Nostradamus).

Now, when you add all those different terms together, you get less than half as many search requests as we received on Monday for Janet Jackson and the Super Bowl halftime show. However, you also have to consider the massive rise in searches for terms like breaking news and latest news on September 11, and searches for news organizations from CNN to FOX.

There was no similar rise in searches for news organizations on Monday, with one exception: The Drudge Report, which posted pictures of the exposed breast, received 30 times the searches it gets on a normal day.

Add the increase in news searches on September 11 to all the specific searches for September 11-related topics, and the total is roughly equivalent to the number of searches for Janet Jackson and the halftime show. Still, the fact that a single breast received as much attention as the first attack on United States soil in 60 years is beyond belief.

Janet’s halftime exposure also far surpasses the other top stories of Lycos 50 history. Over one day it received three times as many searches as the 2000 Election on the day after. It received four times as many searches as the Iraq War on the day that Al-Jazeera broadcast video of American prisoners of war. It received five times as many searches as the day the Space Shuttle Columbia exploded.