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Lack of Indexes on Ultimate Tag Warrior Tables

Over the last week or so I’ve been on a mission to improve the performance of my web server, and especially MySQL. I took Arne’s advice and turned on the query cache. That helped but I still needed to do … Continue reading

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My Top 20+ Movies

In answer to Trader X’s question, here are some of my favorite movies. There’s no way I can rank them beyond maybe the first three. Nor could I stop at just twenty so with the help of my historical rankings … Continue reading

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Archived for Posterity: Kenneth Eng’s ‘Why I Hate Blacks’ Article

Just thought I’d archive some (more) ignorance: This is a copy of the controversial opinion piece by Kenneth Eng in Asian Week magazine: Here is a list of reasons why we should discriminate against blacks, starting from the most obvious … Continue reading

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