Follow Your Favorite NFL Team on Your iPad in Flipboard

With N4MD’s new NFL coverage it’s simple to stay up-to-date on your favorite pro football team on your iPad. Simply add your team to your Flipboard favorites and you’ll be informed of all the important team news all season long. Here’s how to add your team to Flipboard: Launch Flipboard and click the “+ More…”… Continue reading Follow Your Favorite NFL Team on Your iPad in Flipboard

Foiling Phishers

Recently the editor of Kiplinger’s magazine asked readers to suggest (nonviolent) ways to punish phishers. This month they printed the most popular response: overwhelm the phishers with false information. I think that’s a great idea. And since I got a phishing email just hours after reading that this (obvious) fake Wells Fargo site will be… Continue reading Foiling Phishers

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Technorati Beta

Check out the revamped (and well designed) Technorati. Here’s what’s new in the beta release: We’ve improved the user experience, making Technorati accessible to more people and, specifically, people who are new to blogging. We’ve tried to make it very simple to understand what Technorati is all about, and make it easy to understand how… Continue reading Technorati Beta

Google Maps

Check out the very cool Google Maps. MapQuest, can you say “leapfrog”?

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Interview with a Link / Comment Spammer

The Register interviewed a link spammer who revealed some of his methods and motivation. The bottom line — spammers can make up to seven figure incomes from some simple computer code. Some key points: For even a semi-competent programmer, writing programs that will link-spam vulnerable websites and blogs is pretty easy. All you need is… Continue reading Interview with a Link / Comment Spammer

New Movable Type PlugIn for Fighting Comment Spam

If you’re using Movable Type be sure to install the new ‘nofollow’ plugin. It implements a new way of marking links in comments and trackbacks so that they will be ignored by search engines. Let’s see what the spammers do now to try to get around this. (hat tip to Hashim)

Speed Up Your FireFox Browser

I just implemented this FireFox speed hack for broadband users. It makes a noticeable difference, especially when opening multiple tabs at once.

Six Apart Addresses Comment Spam Issues

There’s some important information MovableType’s blog about Movable Type creating server load issues when dealing with comment spam. It contains some tips for lessening your server load while Six Apart readies a patch. I’m glad to hear that Siz Apart is on this because I was really getting worried after reading ‘MT Plus Comment Spam… Continue reading Six Apart Addresses Comment Spam Issues