Maybe Now TiVo Will Get a Clue About Marketing

I see that TiVo has just hired a new chief marking officer who has worked at Herbalife, a network marketing company. Not that I think TiVo should go Multi Level Marketing, but I’ve long thought that they should compensate individuals who go around evangelizing TiVo. A good affiliate program (not the BS rewards program they have now — I’m talking cash money!) might do wonders for their sales. TiVo is an ideal product for such programs because you really need a demonstration by a TiVo owner to truly understand the benefits of a TiVo. But TiVo shouldn’t expect us to sell their product for free.

Hopefully this new marketing chief will make the necessary changes.

Miguel Migs Hits the ATL

ATL, don’t sleep! Don’t know who Miguel is? Check out my Naked Music Radio.Blog for a taste.


This legendary DJ and producer has made an impact on the world of house music and true soul and he brings it to the mainroom for one incredible night! Opening sets provided by Freddy Schmidt. Outside in EDEN we invite you to take a trip Beneath The Noise with Abstract Rhythms as DJ’s Sky & Legacy tear up the turntables for your audio pleasure.
Doors open at 9PM Dress Smart
Booth Reservations Available By Calling 404.872.1150 x 12

Interesting: is a website devoted to the intersection of blogs and Internet radio. We strive to live up to our tagline as the voice of the blogosphere. is run by university students in Edmonton, AB, Canada.

Sony Pulls Its Head Out of Its A$$ Over MP3s

It looks like Sony has finally gotten a clue about media formats. I couldn’t believe that their portable media players didn’t support Mp3 files. You’d think that the folks at Sony, of all people, would understand the importance of supporting what’s popular with people. Well they now say that their digital music players will now play MP3 format music tracks, and not just its own Atrac format. What a stroke of genius. 🙂

Fugees Reunite!

The EUR had a bit about a rumored Fugee reunion yesterday and today they drop this bomb:

FUGEES REUNION FILMED FOR CHAPPELLE FLICK: Comic’s documentary due next year.

The surprise Fugees reunion that took place last weekend as part of Dave Chappelle’s “Block Party” event in Brooklyn’s Fort Greene was captured by filmmaker Michel Gondry for a concert film and documentary to be released next year.

Amidst a steady rainfall, hundreds of attendees were shuttled to the secret location (the intersection of Quincy and Downing Streets) from a site in Chinatown after signing up for free tickets online. In addition to the reunion of Fugees Pras, Wyclef Jean and Lauren Hill, the performance lineup included Common, the Roots, Talib Kweli, Kanye West, Jill Scott and more.

“We were going to have Lauryn Hill perform tonight but [her label] Columbia [Records] wouldn’t clear her songs,” Chappelle said to the crowd, who were led to believe they were getting a solo performance from Hill. “So she came up with a better idea.”

Bone Crusher’s “Never Scared” exploded through the speakers as Wyclef came out, followed by Hill moments later, then Pras. Backed by a live band, their set included “Fu-Gee-La,” “Ready of Not” and “Killing Me Softly.”

At one point, after Wyclef told the crowd it was time to put an end to all the rumors, Lauryn immediately ripped into “Lost Ones,” her solo joint that many feel expressed her sentiment regarding her departure with the Fugees. Lauren spit the rhymes while Pras and Hill danced around her feigning ire.

Other highlights included performances of “The Light” and “Love of my Life” by ex-lovers Common and Erykah Badu; Badu and Jill Scott joining the Roots to perform “You Got Me” and old school rappers Big Daddy Kane and Kool G Rap joining the Roots for “Warm it Up, Kane” and “Poison.”

Gondry’s multiple cameras captured the entire day. As previously reported, the director and Chappelle are planning to use the footage in a manner inspired by the 1972 landmark documentary Wattstax, which mixed footage of the historic Wattstax concert in the Watts neighborhood of Los Angeles with the comic narration of Richard Pryor.

In between sets, Chappelle kept things going by reciting poetry, (one poem was called “Five Thousand Black People Chillin’ in the Rain — 19 White People Peppered In”), performing in an MC battle and singing two songs in character as R. Kelly in his infamous sex tape.

The night culminated with a freestyle session featuring the Roots’ ?uestlove on drums, Cody Chesnutt on guitar and the majority of performers on the bill.

Sounds like one hell of a show and that should be a great documentary. BTW, I just saw ‘Wattstax’ the other day, it’s worth watching if you can catch it, especially if you’re a 70’s music fan.

Here’s yesterday’s story:
Continue reading “Fugees Reunite!”

Apprentice 2: Bradford, You Dumb MoFo!

I just finished watching last night’s episode of The Apprentice 2 and I’m still LMAO at what happened to Bradford. What a bonehead! As soon as he decided to revoke his immunity I knew he was a goner. Hubris is a mutha… He and Jennifer C. need to learn when to shut their damn mouths. It sure made some great TV though. Me thinks that there’s gonna be lots of drama on that Apex team this season.

Some other thoughts about/around the show:

  • While the little battle between Mark Cuban and Donald Trump is mildly entertaining, ‘The Benefactor‘ has nothing on ‘The Apprentice’. Yeah Mark, you show is ‘aight’ so far, but it remains to be seen whether it can reach the level of ‘The Apprentice’.

  • I think I’m finally over Survivor. I’ve watched it every season but I’m not even moved to watch the season premiere that’s sitting on my TiVo right now. I think it’s partially just played out and partially due to having the Apprentice as a substitute. I’m seriously considering deleting my Season Pass for Survivor.

  • -sigh- Stacie J… Why sista, why? She wasn’t too bad on episode 2, but on the premiere I was just thinking ‘Omarosa revisited’. I’m still holding out hope that she can gel with the team.

Kobe Bryant’s Admission of Consensual Sex with a Second Woman

I just saw this in the EUR. I can’t say I’m surprised, but still… damn!!!

KOBE’S VIRGINIA WOMAN: ‘SI’ reports on player’s admission of consensual sex with a second woman.

“Sports Illustrated,” journalist Jeff Benedict has obtained a sealed statement made by Kobe Bryant and recorded by police before he was arrested for the rape of a hotel employee in Eagle, Colorado. The statement, highlighted in the magazine’s September 20th issue, contained the following:

  • When he was questioned by two police officers in the parking lot of the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in the early morning of July 2, 2003, Bryant, after first denying an encounter took place, admitted to “holding her around her neck from behind” and graphically described a series of sex acts he engaged in with his accuser.
  • As the officers and Bryant made small talk while walking to his room, Bryant told them he would pay his accuser to make the charges go away because “I’m in the worst f—— situation.”
  • During the interview Bryant told police about “a girl in Virginia named ‘Michelle'” with whom he said he had had a consensual sexual relationship.
  • In their summary of the conversation, police said Bryant told them that he should have paid the woman to keep quiet — and mentioned another NBA player who he said had done that. Bryant said the player would pay women “not to say anything,” and that he had spent up to a million dollars to get out of situations like Bryant’s.
  • Bryant told the police that he had never had to resort to paying hush money, stating that he “treats a woman with respect, therefore, they shouldn’t say anything.”

Meanwhile, according to newly-released documents, the prosecution team in the Kobe Bryant case spent nearly $400,000 in its attempt to convict the NBA star of raping a woman at a Vail-area resort last summer. The total includes nearly $75,000 for expert witnesses and travel, more than $78,000 to investigators and more than $35,000 for a broadcast news clipping service.

The prosecutor’s balance sheet obtained by the Associated Press through an open-records request shows that $397,508 was spent from July 15, 2003, through Aug. 31 – the day before they dismissed the felony sexual assault charge against Bryant at the woman’s request. Spokeswoman Krista Flannigan, who earned $76,000 after she was hired to help District Attorney Mark Hurlbert handle media coverage, remains on the payroll. Lawyers in Hurlbert’s office still are working on a request by Bryant’s attorneys to seal all records and evidence.

“This actually is a little less than you’d expect for something of this high profile,” Flannigan told AP Tuesday. “It’s typical for a first-degree murder case, even in our district.”

A Request for Yahoo!

Request for what should be a simple change to the way Yahoo’s RSS Ping Server works

I just came across a post by Jeremy Zawodny which clarifies some alleged issues with Yahoo’s RSS Ping Server. That post reminded me of an issue with their ping server that’s been bugging me for weeks now. The problem is that (as far as I can tell) when I ping Yahoo their robot (YahooFeedSeeker) only reads one of my RSS feeds. Apparently the ping only tells the robot to get the first feed that was registered with Yahoo. For example, when I first added my other blog to Yahoo’s RSS service I added my RDF feed (, so whenever I ping that’s the only feed that Yahoo reads immediately.

The problem is that people have added my RSS 2.0 feed ( and my Atom feed ( to their My Yahoo! pages. So unless I explicitly remember to manually ping Yahoo for each of those feeds the people who have added those feeds won’t see my updates until the Yahoo robot comes by for it’s regularly scheduled visit. To manually ping, I have to send these:

It’d be great if Yahoo’s system recognized that it should read all of my feeds when it gets the initial (automatic) ping.

Shaq’s Rapping Again… Disses Kobe…

I just heard this new rap from Shaq on PTI:

Even with wings you never as fly as me …
you remind me of Kobe Bryant trying to be as high as me (somebody in the background says ‘Punk!’ right here!)…
but you can’t …
even if you get me traded …
wherever I’m at, I’m Puffy; you Mase and you’re still hated.

Awww sh!t, it’s gonna be on when Miami plays the Lakers. (Here’s an article at ESPN on the situation)