Club Nouveau on ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’

I just got an email about Club Nouveau’s appearance on NBC tonight. All of you 80’s R&B fans won’t want to miss this. Set those TiVo’s…

Club Nouveau ushered in a new sound in music, It was 1986 and “Rumors” took the music business by storm, But Club Nouveau was more than just a new group with a new sound and a new hit. Club Nouveau brought a new attitude, Led by Jay King & Valerie Watson (as the Timex Social Club) “Rumors” was Independently Produced, Manufactured, Distributed, Marketed & Promoted without the help of a Major Record Company on any level.

Club Nouveau’s success brought them to the attention of a young up and coming record executive by the name of Benny Medina who had just come to Warner Brothers as the Head A&R Rep for their R&B Division. Medina made the King Jay Record Label and Club Nouveau his first signing and “Jealousy” (#8 Billboard R&B) was released as the first single from the album titled “Life, Love & Pain” (released in 1986). Jealousy was followed by “Situation#9″(#4 Billboard R&B) both released in 1986.

Technorati Beta

Check out the revamped (and well designed) Technorati. Here’s what’s new in the beta release:

  • We’ve improved the user experience, making Technorati accessible to more people and, specifically, people who are new to blogging. We’ve tried
    to make it very simple to understand what Technorati is all about, and make it easy to understand how we’re different from other search engines.
  • We’ve learned from the incredible success of tags, and brought some of the those same features into search, as well as expanding tag functionality. Now, if your search matches a tag, we bring in photos and links from flickr, furl, delicious, and now buzznet as well.
  • We now have more powerful advanced search features. You can now click the “Options” link beside any search box for power searching options.
  • We’ve added more personalization. Sign in, and you’ll see your current set of watchlists, claimed blogs, and profile info, right on the homepage, giving you quick access to the stuff you want as quickly as possible.
  • New Watchlist capabilities have been added. For example, you no longer need a RSS reader to watch your favorite searches. Now you can view all of your favorite searches on one page. Of course, you can still get your watchlists via RSS, and it is even easier to create new watchlists. You can also get RSS feeds for tagged posts, just check the bottom of each page of tag results!

Tabbed Browsing in IE 6

Too little, too late? A ploy to get you to install the MSN search toolbar?

Weeks after promising tabs in its upcoming IE 7 release, Microsoft made the long-awaited browsing feature available for IE 6 through its MSN toolbar.

With the version of MSN Search Toolbar made available Wednesday, IE 6 gains the ability to open numerous Web pages within a single window, each selectable by a small tab at the top of the window.