Club Nouveau on ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’

I just got an email about Club Nouveau’s appearance on NBC tonight. All of you 80’s R&B fans won’t want to miss this. Set those TiVo’s…

Club Nouveau ushered in a new sound in music, It was 1986 and “Rumors” took the music business by storm, But Club Nouveau was more than just a new group with a new sound and a new hit. Club Nouveau brought a new attitude, Led by Jay King & Valerie Watson (as the Timex Social Club) “Rumors” was Independently Produced, Manufactured, Distributed, Marketed & Promoted without the help of a Major Record Company on any level.

Club Nouveau’s success brought them to the attention of a young up and coming record executive by the name of Benny Medina who had just come to Warner Brothers as the Head A&R Rep for their R&B Division. Medina made the King Jay Record Label and Club Nouveau his first signing and “Jealousy” (#8 Billboard R&B) was released as the first single from the album titled “Life, Love & Pain” (released in 1986). Jealousy was followed by “Situation#9″(#4 Billboard R&B) both released in 1986.

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  1. I need to set my TiVo right now. I haven’t really gotten into that show. That might be the kick we need.

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