Diggin’ in the Crates: Dancehall, Vol. 1

Here’s some dancehall reggae (mostly) from the 90s. This was the genre that I turned to once I started falling out of love with hip-hop. This stuff brings back some great memories, from seeing the Shabba Ranks & KRS-ONE tour (I was at the show in L.A. when KRS beat down the sound man) to the first time I saw Buju (and Beres Hammond) live to me getting life off of women winin’ to a good riddim whenever they drop some dancehall at a club. Man, there’s nothing like some dancehall to get a party heated up!

For your continued listening pleasure be sure to check out some of Todd’s radio.blogs. That brotha’s dropping bombs on what seems like a daily basis. And Honey’s got more new releases this week. She’s promised to post new releases every week, so be sure to bang on her site every Friday. 😉

Lots of Extra Content in the ‘Ray’ DVD

Sounds like the DVD of ‘Ray’ is well worth checking out, even for peeps who saw the movie in the theater:

Too often the “extended editions” of popular films released to DVD seem to contain little more than a few minutes of filler scenes that didn’t work well enough to be included in the theatrical cut, or moments of sex, violence or crude humor that had to be softened to get the rating the studio wanted.

That’s not the case with “Ray,” Taylor Hackford’s account of the life and times of Ray Charles, played by Jamie Foxx in a performance that earned him an Oscar nomination last week. The Universal Home Video disc contains an option: push one button and the film unfolds in the 152-minute form in which it played in theaters; push another, and a substantially different movie appears, incorporating 24 more minutes of material that adds considerably to the film’s rhythm, dramatic depth and complex, ambivalent vision of its subject.

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Vh1’s Black in the 80s Series

I just finished watching the ‘film/movies’ episode of ‘Black in the 80s‘. It was an entertaining and informative trip back to the 80s. It made me realize that I need to add some (major) movies to my NetFlix queue that slipped by me. I also have to watch Hollywood Shuffle again! I’m looking forward to catching the Def Jams (music) and TV episodes over the next couple of days. It’s definitely worth checking out, especially for those of you who are too young to really remember/know what went down in the 80s.