The (anti) Valentine’s Day Radio.Blog

Very appropriately my girl Honey has done not one, but two radio.blogs for Valentine’s day. One is for the lovers and the other is for the lover-haters/V-Day scrooges. I’ve had several discussions with friends today and I think the latter rb will be the more-listened to one. 🙂

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The Number One Stunner

I officially nominate Usher for player of the millennium. As my boy and I have been discussing, his Grammy date, the lovely (Eisha?) Eishia Brightwell, is one bad motha… She’s so fine that you almost don’t even notice Beyonce in this picture. 😮

Sprewell’s Claim to Fame

Damn this reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s “Black History Minute” bit on SNL. Ah, the peanut phonograph needle. 🙂

Must-See Video

One of my boys just sent me a video of some poppers/break dancers. Check out the ‘David Elsewhere at Kollaboration II” video. These kids are nice with theirs…

Google Maps

Check out the very cool Google Maps. MapQuest, can you say “leapfrog”?

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That Kid is Niiiice!

Check out the video of the Brazilian boy-wonder soccer player.

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