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21st Century Slaves

This issue of National Geographic looks like a must read for the story on modern day slavery: There are more slaves today than were seized from Africa in four centuries of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The modern commerce in humans … Continue reading

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Reggae Guide

BBCi has an impressive reggae guide. (via Abstract Dynamics)

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Halle Berry Becomes a Country Music Singer!

Halle’s not fooling me at all by using that ‘Vicki Vann‘ name. 🙂 (via EURWeb)

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An Open Letter To African Americans From Latinos

I just got e-mailed this article and thought I’d post the link – An Open Letter To African Americans From Latinos.

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LocalFeeds = RSS + GeoURL

Here’s a site I just noticed via my referrer logs — LocalFeeds. Here’s what it does: Localfeeds is a collection of local news services, gathering headlines from over 500 sources every hour and organizing them by city. Feed discovery and … Continue reading

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SportsBlog is Up & Running

Sports fans may want to check out the new group blog called SportsBlog. They are still looking for contributors and moderators for the forums. I hope they include coverage of extreme/action sports and SlamBall.

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Gentrification of Urban Black Neighborhoods

Prometheus 6 has highlighted a series of articles from The Sacramento Observer about the gentrification of urban Black neighborhoods. I haven’t read them all yet, but I certainly will do so. Gentrification is running wild here in Atlanta, and I … Continue reading

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Blingin’ Semiconductors

Looks like the diamond semiconductors discussed in that Wired article a couple of weeks ago are already a reality. They are running at a blazing 81 GHz! Now we just need some applications to use all of that speed.

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MTV Video Awards

I’m looking forward to the MTV Video Awards on Thursday. All the celebs should be on their toes because Chris Rock is hosting again and nobody is safe from his wise-cracks. The pre-show looks like it should be pretty good … Continue reading

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Snoop is for the Kids Too.

Inside Snoop Dogg’s growing empire, where the hip-hop mogul enjoys his wine, women and bong. But can he outrun his gangsta past? It’s long, but a good read.

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