LocalFeeds = RSS + GeoURL

Here’s a site I just noticed via my referrer logs — LocalFeeds. Here’s what it does:

Localfeeds is a collection of local news services, gathering headlines from over 500 sources every hour and organizing them by city. Feed discovery and processing is entirely automatic.

If a publisher supports certain standards, lists with the GeoURL location service, and is located near one of the cities we service, their headlines will be incorporated into Localfeeds without any further work.

Each supported city is available via its own RSS feed. Well done!

Gentrification of Urban Black Neighborhoods

Prometheus 6 has highlighted a series of articles from The Sacramento Observer about the gentrification of urban Black neighborhoods. I haven’t read them all yet, but I certainly will do so. Gentrification is running wild here in Atlanta, and I have very mixed emotions about what I see going on in those neighborhoods. I love seeing the older neighborhoods get rejuvenated, but I worry about the displaced, older residents. As the first article points out, people are even upset over Magic Johnson’s effect on the mom & pop stores.

As an aside — I’m glad to see P6 has joined the Movable Type bandwagon. Finally P6 via RSS!

MTV Video Awards

I’m looking forward to the MTV Video Awards on Thursday. All the celebs should be on their toes because Chris Rock is hosting again and nobody is safe from his wise-cracks. The pre-show looks like it should be pretty good too because Sean Paul and Black Eyed Peas will be performing:

Sean Paul and Black Eyed Peas have signed on as performers for this year’s “MTV Video Music Awards Opening Act.” The show airs live on MTV Thursday at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Set your recorders.
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