Interview with a Link / Comment Spammer

The Register interviewed a link spammer who revealed some of his methods and motivation. The bottom line — spammers can make up to seven figure incomes from some simple computer code. Some key points: For even a semi-competent programmer, writing programs that will link-spam vulnerable websites and blogs is pretty easy. All you need is… Continue reading Interview with a Link / Comment Spammer

Jack Johnson Documentary

I watched “Unforgivable Blackness – The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson” over the last two nights on PBS. Ken Burns has produced another fascinating documentary (also see The Civil War and Jazz). If you missed it, I highly recommend seeing it. It’s being aired a few more times this week but it’s also available… Continue reading Jack Johnson Documentary

New Movable Type PlugIn for Fighting Comment Spam

If you’re using Movable Type be sure to install the new ‘nofollow’ plugin. It implements a new way of marking links in comments and trackbacks so that they will be ignored by search engines. Let’s see what the spammers do now to try to get around this. (hat tip to Hashim)

Criminals Getting Ideas from HBO’s ‘The Wire’

Hell, if I was a criminal I’d probably adopt some of the ideas from ‘The Wire‘ too: The accused leaders of the Queens gang, whose arrests were announced yesterday by Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly and District Attorney Richard A. Brown of Queens, mimicked the practice of characters in “The Wire,” using disposable cellphones to… Continue reading Criminals Getting Ideas from HBO’s ‘The Wire’

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I Hope Randy Moss doesn’t Live to Regret These Words

When asked about the $10,000 fine he got for his ‘fake moon’ during the Green Bay game Randy Moss had this to say: Reporter: “Write the check yet, Randy?” Moss: “When you’re rich you don’t write checks.” Reporter: “If you don’t write checks, how do you pay these guys?” Moss: “Straight cash, homey.” Reporter: “Randy,… Continue reading I Hope Randy Moss doesn’t Live to Regret These Words

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