Radio.Blog: U.K. Flava Volume 1 (Electronica)

Since there’s so much great music coming out of the UK I thought I’d highlight some of my favorites, which get so little air play in the States. When I went through and ripped my UK CDs I ended up with about 80 songs, so instead of cutting most of those out I decided to break them into genres. The songs on this could be lumped into the electronica genre, although they sound very different. There’s representation from Drum & Bass, Garage, Jungle, 2 Step as well as music that would probably be called straight up R&B in the US (like the Craig David & Artful Dodger “2 Step” tracks).

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  1. I’m liking what I’ve heard so far. I’d never heard of 2step, thanks for the reference. I consider myself a music lover but I promise you I couldn’t tell you the difference between garage/jungle/etc, lol. Thanks for the rb mention 😉

  2. Mike-

    I cant dig any longer, your info is hard to find. Trying to get an advance listen of Deep Thinkers “Necks Move” out to you. Email me at with the info. By the looks of what I see on your blog, your gonna feel this record.


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