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Keep an Ear Out for ‘The Rebirth’

Ink Blotter has some streams of a few tracks by a new group out of L.A. called ‘The Rebirth‘. As Nikki says, they sound like a modern-day Brand New Heavies. I’ll have to pick up this CD once it drops.

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The Corporations Murdered Hip Hop and All I Got was This Lousy G-Unit Throwback Jersey

Greg Tate is going off on 50 Cent in particular and the current state of Hip Hop in general in his new Village Voice article. His analysis of ‘The Game’ is well worth the read as well. (Via She Real … Continue reading

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Radio.Blog: ‘Necks Move’ by Deep Thinkers

It’s not often that I like a CD on my first listen, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first listened to ‘Necks Move’ by Deep Thinkers. “Necks Move’ is a refreshing departure from the typical hip-hop being produced these … Continue reading

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911 is a Joke in Austin, TX

All of these police and 911 dispatchers need to be fired for joking about a fire in a nightclub the other day. I wonder how many times a day these kind of sentiments are expressed by cops across the nation. … Continue reading

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