Radio.Blog: ‘Necks Move’ by Deep Thinkers

It’s not often that I like a CD on my first listen, so I was pleasantly surprised when I first listened to ‘Necks Move’ by Deep Thinkers. “Necks Move’ is a refreshing departure from the typical hip-hop being produced these days. The group is a throwback to old school hip-hop yet their music also draws on influences ranging from jazz to drum & bass. Hip Hop Politics has an excellent review of the CD, which covers the disc better than I ever could. So check that out while listening to the below.

“Big ups” to Willis at Datura Records for hooking me up with the CD.


  1. Yo Mike. This is HOT! This is my type of ‘ish’. Refreshing, quality production behind it. I need to go cop this and drop it in my collection.

    Look spotlight on the blog!

    Todd Kelley

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