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Here’s how to add your team to Flipboard:

  1. Launch Flipboard and click the “+ More…” box or on the “More…” in the red ribbon in the upper right corner.
  2. That will open the “Add Content” page. This is where you can search for your team’s magazine. Type the appropriate search term for your team:
    – Type FanMag_Cards for the Arizona Cardinals.
    – Type FanMag_Bucs for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    For all other teams type FanMag_YourTeamName. For example, FanMag_49ers, FanMag_Steelers, FanMag_Cowboys, etc.

    Then just tap the magazine which will appear in the search results (see the red arrow in the image below).

  3. The final step is to add that magazine to your Flipboard favorites. Do that by tapping the “Add” button at the top of the screen.

Jack Johnson Documentary

I watched “Unforgivable Blackness – The Rise and Fall of Jack Johnson” over the last two nights on PBS. Ken Burns has produced another fascinating documentary (also see The Civil War and Jazz). If you missed it, I highly recommend seeing it. It’s being aired a few more times this week but it’s also available on DVD. Not only does the film show how dominant Jack was in the ring but it also gives great insight into his extraordinary live outside of the ring. The most striking thing to me about this trip to the past was seeing how things have changed (or not) since the early 1900’s. On the ‘not changing’ side is how the U.S. government will go out of its way to abuse the law in order to prosecute a black man for being involved with a white woman. Just look at the recent Marcus Dixon case to see how little things have changed in that respect.

I Hope Randy Moss doesn’t Live to Regret These Words

When asked about the $10,000 fine he got for his ‘fake moon’ during the Green Bay game Randy Moss had this to say:

Reporter: “Write the check yet, Randy?”

Moss: “When you’re rich you don’t write checks.”

Reporter: “If you don’t write checks, how do you pay these guys?”

Moss: “Straight cash, homey.”

Reporter: “Randy, are you upset about the fine?”

Moss: “No, cause it ain’t [expletive]. Ain’t nothing but 10 grand. What’s 10 grand to me? Ain’t [expletive] … Next time I might shake my [expletive].”

Damn I hope I don’t read about him being bankrupt in 10 years… (That ‘straight cash, homey’ part had me ROTFL though!)

Pacers / Pistons Game Turns into an Ugly Fight with Fans

(Here’s the video of the fight)
Or maybe I should have said “I went to an NBA game and the Vibe Awards broke out”. In case you haven’t heard / seen it by now – “Fight breaks out between fans & players at NBA game“. WTF is going on? The NBA can’t get those international players into the league fast enough. More to come after I return from my bike ride…

Update: Ok, I’m back to finish my thoughts on this…

First off, I don’t even want to get into who’s to blame for what went down. I’ve heard arguments on both sides and each has valid points. I will say that I’d bet that the fan who threw the cup at Artest would have never done that if he was on the street with Artest, or anywhere else besides the “safe” confines of the stands. He would have guaranteed himself an ass whipping. Anyway, I’m more interested in the impact on the NBA and the implications on the players. Here’s how I see it:

We already know that Larry Bird said what a lot of people won’t — people would like to see more white players / stars in the NBA. The process of bringing in international players has been well underway for years now. A big attraction to the foreign players is that they’re more ‘coachable’ (eg. controllable). The Artest incident can only exacerbate that phenomenon.

I know some people think that race doesn’t play a part in all of this but I think they’re fooling themselves. I was glad to hear Jason Whitlock and John Saunders bring up the issue of race on the ‘Sports Reporters’ this morning. Like they, and the other, white, panelists said, it’s the pink elephant in the room. I totally agree with what Whitlock says about the NBA having a credibility problem. And the players aren’t helping the situation much. Just a few recent examples:

  • Latrell Sprewell complaining about a $10,000,000 offer, to which he said that he couldn’t feed his family on that kind of money. Ha!
  • Ron Artest showing just how unstable he is by asking for a month off from playing basketball so that he could promote his upcoming CD.
  • Various clowns getting arrested on drug or weapons charges.
  • Kobe Bryant’s rape case. Let’s not forget that a white woman was involved.

It seems clear to me that many players have attitude problems and/or don’t appreciate the incredible amounts of money they make. Well, there are plenty of poor foreigners just itching to take their salaries. We saw a good example of that on Battlegrounds: King of the World this season. That brother from France was much hungrier than the American players and it showed as he crushed them. Bruhs had better get their minds right and step their games up.

And while I’m on the subjects of sports, race and general ignorance, this Terrell Owens/Nicollette Sheridan/Desperate Housewives story is just ridiculous. I can see the point of parents who were concerned about their kids seeing such a provocative scene when they were expecting to just see some football. But what really gets me is how, if that scene was so shocking, all of the news and talk shows play the spot over and over again at all hours of the day. If it was so bad should they be airing it? Should the FCC fine all the other shows which have rebroadcast it? What a joke this whole thing is. And of course the same pink elephant (race) is in the room. But let’s not even go there…

Kobe Bryant’s Admission of Consensual Sex with a Second Woman

I just saw this in the EUR. I can’t say I’m surprised, but still… damn!!!

KOBE’S VIRGINIA WOMAN: ‘SI’ reports on player’s admission of consensual sex with a second woman.

“Sports Illustrated,” journalist Jeff Benedict has obtained a sealed statement made by Kobe Bryant and recorded by police before he was arrested for the rape of a hotel employee in Eagle, Colorado. The statement, highlighted in the magazine’s September 20th issue, contained the following:

  • When he was questioned by two police officers in the parking lot of the Lodge and Spa at Cordillera in the early morning of July 2, 2003, Bryant, after first denying an encounter took place, admitted to “holding her around her neck from behind” and graphically described a series of sex acts he engaged in with his accuser.
  • As the officers and Bryant made small talk while walking to his room, Bryant told them he would pay his accuser to make the charges go away because “I’m in the worst f—— situation.”
  • During the interview Bryant told police about “a girl in Virginia named ‘Michelle'” with whom he said he had had a consensual sexual relationship.
  • In their summary of the conversation, police said Bryant told them that he should have paid the woman to keep quiet — and mentioned another NBA player who he said had done that. Bryant said the player would pay women “not to say anything,” and that he had spent up to a million dollars to get out of situations like Bryant’s.
  • Bryant told the police that he had never had to resort to paying hush money, stating that he “treats a woman with respect, therefore, they shouldn’t say anything.”

Meanwhile, according to newly-released documents, the prosecution team in the Kobe Bryant case spent nearly $400,000 in its attempt to convict the NBA star of raping a woman at a Vail-area resort last summer. The total includes nearly $75,000 for expert witnesses and travel, more than $78,000 to investigators and more than $35,000 for a broadcast news clipping service.

The prosecutor’s balance sheet obtained by the Associated Press through an open-records request shows that $397,508 was spent from July 15, 2003, through Aug. 31 – the day before they dismissed the felony sexual assault charge against Bryant at the woman’s request. Spokeswoman Krista Flannigan, who earned $76,000 after she was hired to help District Attorney Mark Hurlbert handle media coverage, remains on the payroll. Lawyers in Hurlbert’s office still are working on a request by Bryant’s attorneys to seal all records and evidence.

“This actually is a little less than you’d expect for something of this high profile,” Flannigan told AP Tuesday. “It’s typical for a first-degree murder case, even in our district.”

Shaq’s Rapping Again… Disses Kobe…

I just heard this new rap from Shaq on PTI:

Even with wings you never as fly as me …
you remind me of Kobe Bryant trying to be as high as me (somebody in the background says ‘Punk!’ right here!)…
but you can’t …
even if you get me traded …
wherever I’m at, I’m Puffy; you Mase and you’re still hated.

Awww sh!t, it’s gonna be on when Miami plays the Lakers. (Here’s an article at ESPN on the situation)

Prosecutor to Drop Rape Charge Against Kobe Bryant

Old girl won’t testify in the criminal case, but she wants her $$$ so she’s gonna press on with the civil case. That’s some bullshit!

Prosecutor to Drop Rape Charge Against Kobe Bryant

DENVER (Reuters) – Prosecutors in the Kobe Bryant rape case will ask a judge on Wednesday to drop the rape charge against the basketball player, a source close to the case said.

The dismissal would be “with prejudice,” meaning prosecutors could not resurrect the case in the future, legal observers said.

The case was based on a claim by a then 19-year-old woman that the Los Angeles Lakers star raped her last year in his hotel room in a Vail-area resort. He maintained the two had consensual sex and that his only wrongdoing was adultery.

The 26-year-old’s defense team was seen rushing into the courthouse on Wednesday afternoon, followed a few minutes later by the young woman’s attorneys, John Clune and Lin Wood.

All the attorneys were behind closed doors and it was not known if they were all meeting together.

Prosecutors were also seen entering the courthouse in Eagle, Colorado, where opening statements had been slated to begin next Tuesday.

This week, lawyers for both sides have been trying to select a jury.

Earlier on Wednesday, Bryant’s lawyers asked the judge to dismiss the rape charge, arguing prosecutors did not disclose that one of their expert witnesses had information that could help Bryant.

The defense filing did not identify the expert witness, but it is believed to be Dr. Michael Baden, a well-known medical examiner. The prosecution has dropped Baden from its list of expert witnesses.

Bryant’s attorneys said the expert’s statements to prosecutors could have “undermined the accuser’s allegations” and the cause and significance of injuries the then 19-year-old accuser said she sustained when Bryant allegedly raped her.

While the defense routinely asks for a dismissal at the last minute the defense’s claims about the expert witness could have had an influence on the decision.

Wide World of Sports

  • Those nails can’t be aerodynamic

    Gail Devers' nails

  • It’s ain’t easy, but Michael Phelps has got to do it. For some reason this picture reminded me of this ESPN article: ‘Sex, Olympics go hand in hand.’

    Michael Phelps Pimpin'

  • Funny how nobody wants to talk about this, but everybody’s thinking it… A white guy wins a sprint?!?! It’s like we’re in bizarro world in sports of late. The Professor wins the And 1 contract — Tiger rules (ruled?) golf — Brent Barry wins the NBA Dunk Contest. What’s next?.

    Wariner wins the 400m'

  • Speaking of And 1 Streetball… Has anybody been watching this season? That kid Helicopter is the truth. Those dunks he’s been doing this year have been sick. Especially the ones which he does by doing an alley oop to himself by bouncing the ball over defenders. And he’s only 6′ 1″

  • The U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team: I’ve been wanting to post about them since they lost that exhibition game to Italy, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ve been holding out hope that they’d pull together and figure out how to dominate in international ball. I’m still hoping it will happen, but realistically, I can’t see it. The selection committee was smoking crack when they put this squad together. They really should have had a couple of good shooters on the roster. It damn near makes me sick to watch these guys ‘build houses’ on the rim. I think this next game against Spain is gonna be real ugly. I hope I’m wrong.

  • And finally, women’s beach volleyball. I watched the medal round games yesterday and was struck by the outfits the athletes were wearing. After a couple of choice camera shots I had to ask my why these women were wearing bikini bottoms instead of shorts. It must be just for ratings. As MaoXian and Deb have picked up on, men just seem to love this sport, especially the thrill of victory moments:

    Gail Devers' nails