Wide World of Sports

  • Those nails can’t be aerodynamic

    Gail Devers' nails

  • It’s ain’t easy, but Michael Phelps has got to do it. For some reason this picture reminded me of this ESPN article: ‘Sex, Olympics go hand in hand.’

    Michael Phelps Pimpin'

  • Funny how nobody wants to talk about this, but everybody’s thinking it… A white guy wins a sprint?!?! It’s like we’re in bizarro world in sports of late. The Professor wins the And 1 contract — Tiger rules (ruled?) golf — Brent Barry wins the NBA Dunk Contest. What’s next?.

    Wariner wins the 400m'

  • Speaking of And 1 Streetball… Has anybody been watching this season? That kid Helicopter is the truth. Those dunks he’s been doing this year have been sick. Especially the ones which he does by doing an alley oop to himself by bouncing the ball over defenders. And he’s only 6′ 1″

  • The U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball team: I’ve been wanting to post about them since they lost that exhibition game to Italy, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’ve been holding out hope that they’d pull together and figure out how to dominate in international ball. I’m still hoping it will happen, but realistically, I can’t see it. The selection committee was smoking crack when they put this squad together. They really should have had a couple of good shooters on the roster. It damn near makes me sick to watch these guys ‘build houses’ on the rim. I think this next game against Spain is gonna be real ugly. I hope I’m wrong.

  • And finally, women’s beach volleyball. I watched the medal round games yesterday and was struck by the outfits the athletes were wearing. After a couple of choice camera shots I had to ask my why these women were wearing bikini bottoms instead of shorts. It must be just for ratings. As MaoXian and Deb have picked up on, men just seem to love this sport, especially the thrill of victory moments:

    Gail Devers' nails