Google’s Engineers Must Be Star Trek Fans

Not that I’m trying to become the search engine blog, but I found this post about Google using alternating algorithms interesting:

Musical Algorithms

What if there were no Google algorithm to game? Or more precisely, what if there were several different algorithms all being used at the same time – so that no specific tactics or tricks would consistently place your pages ‘at the top’?

A discussion going on over at the SEO Chat Forums says this is just what might be happening over in the data centers of the almighty and now almighty-cash-rich Google.

I’ve noticed that my own placement for certain keywords has shifted around a lot the last several days. That may be the reason why. It seems like a good idea to me, and one that may have been stolen from Star Trek – The Next Generation. They discovered that alternating the frequency of their shields was an effective way to keep the Borg at bay (for a little while anyway). Well if it worked on Star Trek… 🙂