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Baby, I’m a Star, Again

The Wall Street Journal has an article about Prince’s return to the spotlight. (link via Anil of course) I’m glad that Prince is once again receiving the accolades that he deserves, even if he did lose me for the last … Continue reading

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A Bright Light Snuffed Out

I’ve been in a daze all day today after receiving the news that a dear friend of mine, Okokon B. Okon III, was murdered last night here in Atlanta. He was the victim of what appears to be a senseless … Continue reading

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What’s on My TiVo

Here’s what’s in my TiVo’s Season Pass Manager. They’re not necessarily in order from most favorite to least favorite. The shows that air multiple times per week have been pushed lower in the list to avoid conflicts with shows that … Continue reading

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Under God?

I’m sitting here with CNBC on in the background and they’re talking about the huge response they’re having to their website vote about whether or not the phrase ‘under God’ should be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance. I think … Continue reading

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Upset City!

Needless to say, my NCAA Tournament brackets are totally jacked up. Not only did Stanford, who I picked to win it all, lose, but Kentucky, who I had losing to Stanford in the championship game, got upset this weekend as … Continue reading

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Top Reasons to Own a TiVo

Since I’m working on my sixth TiVo convert at the moment I was thinking about TiVo’s (lack of) marketing. So I thought I’d help them out with what I think are the best reasons to own a TiVo (or some … Continue reading

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Rakim, WTF?

I just watched this clip of Rakim hawking gold teeth for and I’m stunned and speechless. Really, I have no words to express my feeling for this, but HipHopCommentary sums it up pretty well. My people, my people… -sigh-

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Kool Mo Dee’s New Book Ranks the 50 Greatest MCs

Let the greatest MC argument begin anew. Kool Mo Dee was on Tavis Smiley’s show last night promoting his new book, There’s a God on the Mic: The True 50 Greatest MCs. It seems that Mo Dee, like many of … Continue reading

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Some Quick NCAA Tourney Notes

Ouch! I took 5 losses in my brackets yesterday. I tried to get cute by picking a few upsets and I paid for it. Now I’m ranked #357,453, a slip of 271,623 places and into the 55th percentile. But all … Continue reading

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I’m Number 85,830!

There was some great basketball yesterday in the tourney and I’m pretty happy with my picks after day 1. I currently have 13 out of a possible 16 points, and am ranked first in the SportBlog pool, second in the … Continue reading

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