Some Quick NCAA Tourney Notes

Ouch! I took 5 losses in my brackets yesterday. I tried to get cute by picking a few upsets and I paid for it. Now I’m ranked #357,453, a slip of 271,623 places and into the 55th percentile. But all of my second round winners are still alive, so I’m expecting a significant rise by Monday morning.

How about FAMU? They sure didn’t play like the 65th seed.

And when did dreadlocks become so popular with basketball players? It seemed like there was at least one person with locks in every game so far. And as I recall, they all were handling their business. Do you thing bruhs!

Side note: I’m listening to the Africana Radio channel on Radio@Netscape right now and Angie Stone’s ‘Pissed Off’ just came on. Damn I love that song, and most of her others as well. That’s one talented singer who doesn’t get nearly enough pub.


  1. Kentucky, Gonzaga, Providence, Mississippi State, Stanford (your alma mater), Maryland and NC state can all go to hell. They all have screwed up my brackets!

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