I’m Number 85,830!

There was some great basketball yesterday in the tourney and I’m pretty happy with my picks after day 1. I currently have 13 out of a possible 16 points, and am ranked first in the SportBlog pool, second in the Barefoot And Naked pool, and 220!?!?! in the Fans of Stanford pool. I’m amazed at how many people had perfect picks yesterday. Yahoo shows the overall leaders and all of the top 50 people have perfect scores so far. Overall I’m in the 89th percentile and ranked #85,830. I’m happy that all of my second round winners are still alive. I nailed the Phoenix region, but missed one game in each of the other regions. Let’s see if I can move up in the overall rankings to at least the top 10,000.

Oh yeah, I also joined a $$$ pool set up by a guy at the TiVo Community. I’m tied for second place in that one. I’m looking forward to winning that cash!