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Damn, No Wonder Why the Cows are Mad!

I just saw this news alert: “FDA bans cow blood in livestock feed, part of broader restrictions after mad cow discovery,” which made go looking for more information. My thinking was WTF are they doing feeding blood to cows. If … Continue reading

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Battlin’ Blogs

Forget keystylin’, and dis records — bring the noise via MP3. If you haven’t heard it by now, you have to check out the blog dis rap Jay Smooth recorded. Nice track, good delivery, and I love the KRS-ONE sample … Continue reading

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Who Would Have Thunk it?

I was just checking out this week’s NCAA Men’s Basketball polls and was pleasantly surprised to see Duke and Stanford ranked 1 & 2, respectively, in both polls. I have to give Stanford coach Mike Montgomery much dap on his … Continue reading

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Stir it Up

Today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution has an article which explores the current upswing in popularity of Dancehall Reggae and its fusion with other genres in the US and England. Too bad they didn’t mention my man Roots Manuva, who, in my opinion, … Continue reading

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TiVo to DVD…

Finally, a solution for those of us with non-hacked Series2 TiVos to allow us to burn recorded shows to DVD — TiVo and Sonic Team Up to Put TiVo on the Go.

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A Haitian History Lesson

Here’s an excellent article by Randall Robinson about Haiti and its fight for independence 200 years ago. Some highlights: St. Domingue (as Haiti was then called by the French) was at that time the most prosperous colonial possession of any … Continue reading

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My Number Port is Finally Taking Effect

Well all it took was me posting about my number porting woes to get it to work. 🙂 Actually, there’s a fine gentleman and scholar who works at SprintPCS, Curant, who helped me out. He seems to be the only … Continue reading

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Smells Like Roses, Tastes Like Sugar

As Charles points out, USC (PAC-10!) won the national championship yesterday with their impressive win over Michigan. I don’t give a damn what the BCS computers say about the winner of Oklahoma/LSU. Hopefully this controversy will encourage the NCAA to … Continue reading

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The Magic Negro

Some things never seem to change. Go read Movies ‘Magic Negro’ Saves the Day – but at the Cost of His Soul to see what I mean. (via Monique)

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Tavis Smiley’s New TV Show on PBS

I’ve really missed Tavis since BET was dumb enough to send him packing. He’s finally got another TV show, this time on PBS. Check your local listings and set your recorders. (via the EUR) SOMEBODY GET TAVIS SMILEY SOME WATER … Continue reading

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