My Number Port is Finally Taking Effect

Well all it took was me posting about my number porting woes to get it to work. 🙂 Actually, there’s a fine gentleman and scholar who works at SprintPCS, Curant, who helped me out. He seems to be the only person at Sprint who can get results. I’m so glad I found him over in the forums. Sprint needs to put him in charge of number porting and quadruple his salary.

As of today my number rings about 75% of the time on my cell phone and 25% of the time on my home phone. Curant just called me to see how things are going and I told him about this. He says that the change is still propagating through the phone systems and that all calls should hit my cell phone very shortly.

If anybody is having issues with a SprintPCS port, give Curant a shout (His e-mail address is in this thread).

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