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More GMail Invites

I was just granted a few more GMail invitations. Holla if you want one. Update: They’re all gone now.

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Gizmodo has the World’s First Treo 650 Pictures

The Treo 650 looks great and it will have BlueTooth and a removable battery. The addition of BlueTooth is big, but they should add WiFi to it as well. I think I’ll wait for the 700 (at least) to upgrade … Continue reading

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Let’s See if These Pics Make the Most-Emailed List :-)

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Wide World of Sports

Those nails can’t be aerodynamic It’s ain’t easy, but Michael Phelps has got to do it. For some reason this picture reminded me of this ESPN article: ‘Sex, Olympics go hand in hand.’ Funny how nobody wants to talk about … Continue reading

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Google’s Engineers Must Be Star Trek Fans

Not that I’m trying to become the search engine blog, but I found this post about Google using alternating algorithms interesting: Musical Algorithms What if there were no Google algorithm to game? Or more precisely, what if there were several … Continue reading

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Improving Users’ Search Experience

Here’s an interesting look at some of the habits of users while searching for information online, complete with ideas on improving your site’s search usability. Here are a few of the things that stood out to me (my comments are … Continue reading

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Michael Moore to Publish Soldiers’ Letters

This should be an interesting book: “Fahrenheit 9/11” director Michael Moore has signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to publish a collection of letters sent to him by U.S. troops stationed in Iraq. Slated to hit shelves in November, … Continue reading

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Note to the Press: It’s ‘Weblog’, One Damn Word!

[rant]This has been bugging the sh!t out of me for weeks now, ever since all the media coverage over the convention bloggers. Why is it so difficult for the mainstream media to understand that ‘weblog’ is one word? It’s not … Continue reading

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They’re Playing Bas-ket-ball…

If you’re a hip-hop and basketball fan go read this article about some of the ties between the two. It’s a good exploration of how the two have influenced each other, although I think the author gives Michael Jordan a … Continue reading

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So That’s what StrangleBerry Does

PVRBlog reveals some details about StrangleBerry, the company that TiVo bought a while back. It looks like they have some powerful technology that may very well keep TiVo out of its death bed. (I’m sure the DirecTiVo’s won’t get this … Continue reading

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