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This Teacher Needs a Beat Down

Why would you say some dumb shit like this to a 9-year old? Much less a Black 9-year old: The mother of a black Queens girl yesterday pressed for the transfer of a white PS 35 teacher who made a … Continue reading

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Reggae, the Next Big Ting?

Madison is predicting that reggae (dancehall) is on the rise. I’d love to see it happen but I feel a sense of déjà vu. Didn’t we go through this about 10-15 years ago (damn I’m getting old) when Shabba Ranks, … Continue reading

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Kobe Swings Back at Shaq…

These sound like straight-up fighting words to me! You have to give Kobe credit for not backing down from Shaq. Here’s the transcript of Jim Gray’s interview of Kobe:

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Rules of Acquisition

A post about Star Trek: Enterprise over at S-Train Canvass reminded me that I’ve been meaning to do this post of the Ferengi’s Rules of Acquisition. Enterprise has gotten better this season but it still can’t compete with Deep Space … Continue reading

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Shaq & Kobe Feuding Again

Looks like the Lakers may be unravelling already. Shaq wasn’t too happy with Kobe’s play the other day and let it be known: O’Neal and Bryant seemed to be interacting comfortably Sunday on the practice floor, sharing the ball freely … Continue reading

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Upcoming Atlanta Concerts/Shows

Heads up ATL crew! There are some great concerts jumping off the next week or so. I’d love to hit them all but I’ll likely have to miss some of the ones I want to see. Unless I find a … Continue reading

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?uestlove Breaks it Down

The Believer Magazine has an excellent interview with Ahmir ‘?uestlove’ Thompson of the Roots. If you’re a hip-hop fan I highly recommend it. Read it to find out: why crack is responsible for hip-hop if ?uest is ‘dried out’ on … Continue reading

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Speaking of Roy Ayers…

Speaking of Roy Ayers (from several days ago), BET Jazz is showing an old concert of his as I type on their Classic Concerts show. It appears that the same episode will be airing a few more times over the … Continue reading

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World’s Biggest Toy Car

I thought I’d post some pics of my nephew getting his first driving lesson and/or trying to steal my car. 🙂

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Sony Ericsson Introduces P900

These smart phone announcements just keep coming. Sony Ericsson has just announced its P900 phone. This is one serious device: Still based on Symbian OS 7.0 which powers the UIQ platform of the device, the P900 shares many of the … Continue reading

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