Sony Ericsson Introduces P900

These smart phone announcements just keep coming. Sony Ericsson has just announced its P900 phone. This is one serious device:

Still based on Symbian OS 7.0 which powers the UIQ platform of the device, the P900 shares many of the traits of the P800 such as a clamshell flip cover design, an integrated digital camera with VGA resolution and tri-band GSM/GPRS 900/1800/1900 MHz connectivity. In addition, the P900 is also capable of recording video at QCIF resolution with MPEG4 video compression, and video clips should consume approximately 1 MB of storage per minute according to Sony Ericsson.

The screen of the P900 boasts improved colour depth, and is capable of displaying 65,536 colours compared to 4,096 colours on the P800. Improvements to software also enable full and wide screen viewing of images, and with support for both J2ME and the Mophun gaming platform, will be able to access a variety of application and games content. The much praised 5-way Jog Dial from the P800 remains unchanged, as do polyphonic ringtones and processing power sufficient to enable 3D gaming (of which one is bundled with the P900).

Sounds pretty impressive but I’m still not swayed from getting a Treo 600… yet.

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