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My Digital IQ

I finally got around to taking MSNBC’s Digital IQ Quiz that I found over at my brother’s blog. I’m glad that I scored high on this even though I gave up my career as an IT consultant a few years … Continue reading

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Great Deal on a Treo 600 at Amazon

If you’re interested in getting a (Sprint) Treo 600, Amazon is selling them for $250 after rebates. It looks like that special ends today December 1st, so you’d better hop to it.

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Are You Part of the Technology Elite?

A study released Sunday found that 31% of Americans are ‘highly tech-savvy’ people for whom the Internet, cell phones and handheld organizers are more indispensable than TVs and old-fashioned wired phones. That’s a nice change from the perception that most … Continue reading

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Alonzo Mourning to Retire

From ESPN: EAST RUTHERFORD, New Jersey — Alonzo Mourning’s NBA career is over. The seven-time All-Star center will soon need a kidney transplant and will no longer be able to play professional basketball, New Jersey Nets president and general manager … Continue reading

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My 2 Cents on Eminem as a Racist

I thought I’d chime in on the Eminem controversy. Madison at Diesel Nation has done a great job of rounding up some pertinent information about this situation. And I generally agree with his opinions of Eminem and Benzino. My take … Continue reading

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Sup with Your Boy Michael Jackson?

I was just looking at some pictures of Michael Jackson from his arrest episode today. Some observations: If you had just been arrested, falsely or not, would you be blowing kisses and throwing peace signs? I think not. Definition of … Continue reading

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Home Digits Can Move to Cell

In case you’ve missed the news, as of November 24th you can not only transfer your cell phone number between carriers, but also transfer your home number to a cell phone. It’s about to get hectic for the phone companies. … Continue reading

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Ten Commandments Judge Stripped of Office

I just got this news flash from Yahoo!: Alabama chief justice who refused to move a Ten Commandments monument is stripped of office. I’m so glad to see this happen. This whole ‘Ten Commandments monument in the courthouse thing’ is … Continue reading

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Star Wars: Clone Wars

All you Star Wars fans take note: The Cartoon Network is airing an animated series, Star Wars: Clone Wars, which bridges the gap between Episodes II and III. And the best part, IMO, is that Genndy Tartakovsy, the creator of … Continue reading

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You Want Fries with that Download?

Looks like there’s another battle going on over music downloading. Both Pepsi and McDonald’s are offering free music downloads to their customers: Less than a month after Pepsi announced a blockbuster deal to give away 100 million downloads from Apple’s … Continue reading

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