My Digital IQ

My Digital IQ

I finally got around to taking MSNBC’s Digital IQ Quiz that I found over at my brother’s blog. I’m glad that I scored high on this even though I gave up my career as an IT consultant a few years ago. (note to self: Must… get… more… gadgets…) And he’ll be glad to see that he beat me by a few points. I’m shocked that Charles’ score is so low (relatively) given that he’s the Movable Type Guru. Sup with that Charles? They don’t have gadgets in Hawai’i?

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2 Responses to My Digital IQ

  1. Ron Bell says:

    Hey, fun! I got 179, which I’m trying to convince my wife entitles me to more toys from She, on the other hand, wants to impose a computer curfer. Hmmph!

  2. sama says:

    I didn’t know Tony’s brother had a blog. I’ll put you on my blogroll.

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