He Can Walk!

My 13 month old nephew has just posted a picture of himself taking his first steps on his blog. (He’s so smart… just like his uncle… oh, and his parents too.) Next comes the Nike contract! Maybe we can get some of that freed-up Kobe money. 😉

Cuba: Island of Music

Afro-Cuban music fans may want to pick up the documentary Cuba: Island of Music. (You can view the trailer there.) Here’s what it’s about: The film is a behind-the-scenes look at Afro-Cuban music’s role in the daily life of Cubans. Gary Keys (Memories of Duke” and “Dizzy’s Dream Band”) brings the audience into the heart… Continue reading Cuba: Island of Music

Jazz for Your Azz

I’ve mentioned J-Notes before in one of my posts but here goes another shameless plug. I love jazz music but I rarely buy it because of a lack of information and/or reviews. J-Notes has solved that problem for me. It’s chock full of great jazz (and some R&B) information. So if you like jazz I… Continue reading Jazz for Your Azz

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The Erotic Museum

The Erotic Museum is open for business. Check it out if you dare. Actually, it’s pretty tame. Here’s the mission statement: The mission of The Erotic Museum is to educate the public about human sexuality by creating entertaining exhibitions regarding the broad range of mankind’s erotic endeavor through the ages. Toward this end, we will… Continue reading The Erotic Museum

Tribe.net… A Better Friendster

I’ve been poking around at Tribe.net and I like what I saw. It has a more general focus than Friendster and I like the interface better as well. It also allows people to join ‘tribes’ around their interests. For example, a group of skiers could create and/or join a skiing tribe. Here’s some of what’s… Continue reading Tribe.net… A Better Friendster

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Hip-Hop Blogs

For hip-hop related blogs check out HipHopAnonymous’ running list of hip-hop blogs. (via Diesel Nation)

Kraftwerk’s Tour De France 2003

Kraftwerk has come back with a new album, Tour De France Soundtracks. They’re including a 20th anniversary version of the classic Tour De France (remember that scene from Breakin’ when Boogaloo Shrimp was poppin’ with that broom?) You can check out the song and video here. I still prefer the original though. OK, I just… Continue reading Kraftwerk’s Tour De France 2003

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More Stars in the Universe than Grains of Sand on Earth???

I find this very had to believe – there are ten times more stars in the universe than grains of sand on Earth. Astrobiology Magazine points out just how large this estimated number of stars is: Such large numbers–seven times ten raised to twenty-twenty powers–are beyond what is meaningful without an analogy to compare with… Continue reading More Stars in the Universe than Grains of Sand on Earth???

Africa Blog

Those of you with an interest in Africa may want to check out the budding Africa Blog. Its welcome message tells you its mission: “… we hope to create a different kind of blog. Instead of simply picking apart policies and pointing to problems, we hope to offer new views that lead to solutions to… Continue reading Africa Blog

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