BlogRolling & Buying Readers

Dean has a very good post about blogrolling, and blogging in general. In the post, he discusses how and why bloggers ‘buy’ readers through linking and blogrolling. I’ve recently trimmed my own blogroll because it was getting too long, and because I’ve started using a newsreader. So most of the blogs that have RSS feeds… Continue reading BlogRolling & Buying Readers

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Amazon vs. iTunes?

The online music space is really heating up now. It’s being reported that Amazon is entering the online music downloading fray. Leave it to Apple to innovate, show others how to design/implement something properly, then stand by as others dominate the market. I know who I’m betting on to win this scuffle. It starts with… Continue reading Amazon vs. iTunes?

Dr. Dre Battles Ja Rule

Here’s the latest round in the battle between Shady/Aftermath and Murder Inc. (You can also hear the song there.) Does Ja really want to do this?

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P2P Networks Fight Back

I knew it wouldn’t take very long for the RIAA‘s tracking plan to be thwarted. See how in Wired’s article – Giving Sharers Ears Without Faces

The Web and Democracy

VentureBlog has an article examining whether or not the internet and blogging are inherently democratic. The question is not just about politics, but about the democratization of information as well. I agree with them that the answer is clearly ‘yes’.