2004 BET Awards

I have to give huge props to BET for the award show last night. That had to be the best award show I’ve ever seen. I hardly skipped any of it on my TiVo, unlike other award shows, which seem to be made to be time-shifted. The hip-hop tribute was the part that had me… Continue reading 2004 BET Awards

News Flash: eBay is the Sh!t…

Yeah, I know I’m mad late to the eBay party, but the design of the site just always turned me off. I’ve bought things via online auctions before, but only from uBid. My first eBay buying experience was just a month ago when I snagged that ridiculously cheap magazine subscription deal. And while that was… Continue reading News Flash: eBay is the Sh!t…

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Brazilian Music Guides

Ariya has put together a nice Brazilian music guide and she also refers people to Slip Cue Magazine for even more Brazilian music info. Both site owners claim to not know much about Brazilian music. Well compared to them I know absolutely nothing, but I do have a few additions to Ariya’s list: Max De… Continue reading Brazilian Music Guides

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Journals of 2 Ex-Slaves Draw Vivid Portraits

If you haven’t already done so, check out the New York Times’ article about the soon to be published journals by two ex-slaves. (Link via Dana’s Lincoln Didn’t Free The Slaves post) As usual, I’ve ’emancipated’ the text below.

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KRS-ONE, Still Teaching

I just came across an interview with KRS-ONE over at Vibe.com. ( via Robotic Claptrap) Some of my favorite parts: “Your hip hop conference is not a hip hop conference if I’m not there,” But I only hope that one day hip hop can become a university course. Because it’s that course at the university… Continue reading KRS-ONE, Still Teaching