2004 BET Awards

I have to give huge props to BET for the award show last night. That had to be the best award show I’ve ever seen. I hardly skipped any of it on my TiVo, unlike other award shows, which seem to be made to be time-shifted. The hip-hop tribute was the part that had me on my feet and screaming all kinds of madness at the screen. (They don’t make ’em like that any more, etc.) Flav had me rolling when he snuck in the “mutha-fuck him and John Wayne,” complete with middle finger, and how he was boppin’ to the Isley Brothers. There were so many great performances — Kanye, Rick James & Teena Marie, The Isley Brothers (even Steve Harvey’s introduction of the Isleys was entertaining… mind you this is from a guy who skips everything possible on my TiVo), Mo’Nique’s dance routine, India.Arie’s tribute to Ray Charles, etc. But my favorite part was the “25th anniversary of Hip Hop on wax” performances — The Sugar Hill Gang, Melle Mel (Grandmaster Flash & the Furious 5), MC Lyte, Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick, and of course Public Enemy. What’s not to like?

Is it just me or was it just wrong to have G Unit close the show? That part I did skip over! Ugh!

If you missed it, it’s airing again next week. Check those listings and set those TiVos! Hopefully they wont edit Rick James saying “I’m Rick James bitch!” 🙂

For more, see BET’s Wrap Up of the night.

And if you want pictures (bruhs, you DO want to see the pics!) here you go.
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News Flash: eBay is the Sh!t…

Yeah, I know I’m mad late to the eBay party, but the design of the site just always turned me off. I’ve bought things via online auctions before, but only from uBid. My first eBay buying experience was just a month ago when I snagged that ridiculously cheap magazine subscription deal. And while that was a great bargain I still wasn’t a huge eBay fan.

That all changed after I got my new 802.11g WiFi gear. As I mentioned, I bought the new gear for a great price (after rebates) from CompUSA. The card and access point were only $50 before taxes and after the rebates. I figured I’d try selling my 2 year old 802.11b equipment on eBay. After a quick look at the bids on the same equipment I figured I could probably get about $50 for my old stuff.

Despite my mistakes in listing my merchandise (My auctions ended after 1 AM EST on a weekday instead of a weekend and/or evening), I made $57 on the sales! The router/access point sold for $38.50 and the PC Card sold for $18.50. So I ended up getting a free upgrade to 802.11g. (OK, after taxes it cost me $2)

It was great to turn what normally would have ended up collecting dust in my closet into cold, hard cash. And PayPal is like the greatest thing since sliced bread. So I’ve finally seen the light and have become an eBay fanatic. This weekend I went digging through my closets and attic to find other stuff to sell. As a shopper I love a good bargain, but selling is even more fun. It’s on now. First to go, my old Series 1 TiVo, my ancient Palm III, and various dusty computer parts.

But When Them Come To Arrest a Black Man…

.. they need 30 cops or more… Like KRS-ONE said on his song ’30 Cops or More’ (just so happens that I have that song in my Radio.Blog right now):

Video appears to show LAPD officer hitting suspect

A Los Angeles Police Department officer pursuing the driver of a stolen car Wednesday was seen on videotape appearing to beat the suspect after he apparently had surrendered.

Mayor James Hahn said the videotape jeopardizes reforms made in the wake of similar incidents and will test the “bond of trust” with the community.

Video shot from news helicopters shows the suspect running for a short distance before slowing to a stop, apparently opting to surrender to officers pursuing him on foot.

The suspect appeared to raise both arms and drop to his knees. The first arriving officer drew his weapon, but put it back in his holster and then tackled the suspect, forcing him to the ground.

The second officer also jumps on the suspect, who is on the ground in a prone position, while a third officer arrives and appears to kick him in the head. This same officer then drops to the ground, takes out his flashlight and can be seen swinging down at the suspect’s head area 11 times. He also appears to use his knee to strike the suspect.

The video shows other LAPD officers arriving on foot and surrounding the suspect, who remains motionless on the ground.

Looks like old habits die hard with the LAPD. I certainly don’t miss getting pulled over by them b/c they thought I was driving a stolen car. My mindset was so jacked up when I lived there b/c not only would I have to worry about getting car jacked while driving but I was also worried about getting harassed by them. So here I am, minding my own damn business and I start sweating every time I see a cop. And to think that people thought N.W.A., Ice Cube and others were making shit up when they wrote songs critical of the police pre-Rodney King. If it wasn’t for all these video cameras most people would STILL think bros were imagining all of this.

Punk ass cops…..

Just Upgraded to 802.11g on the Cheap

I just stumbled across a great deal on some WiFi equipment that I couldn’t pass up. CompUSA has the following deals going right now:

  • WR850G Wireless Broadband Router, 802.11g for $29.99 ($79.99 less $50 in mail-in rebates)
  • WN825G Wireless Notebook Adapter, 802.11g for $19.99 ($49.99 less $30 in mail-in rebates)

They’re just giving stuff away! Now I just need to sell my old LinkSys 802.11b equipment on eBay to complete my evil plan…

Brazilian Music Guides

Ariya has put together a nice Brazilian music guide and she also refers people to Slip Cue Magazine for even more Brazilian music info. Both site owners claim to not know much about Brazilian music. Well compared to them I know absolutely nothing, but I do have a few additions to Ariya’s list:

Hmm, I think I feel another Radio.Blog post coming on…
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Adriana Evans… Call it a Comeback

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite singers, Adriana Evans (a.k.a. Adriana Madera) , has released a new CD, entitled Nomadic. (Thanks EJ) It’s been seven years since her self-titled debut CD dropped, but it seems like I’ve been waiting twice that long for some new music from her. The title of the CD is very appropriate because Adriana has been on a fantastic voyage. The following is the welcome message on her site:

Dear Friends,

The last few years of my journey since my first record have been all about exploration. My current musical expression is really the soundtrack of that adventure. I have been living somewhat of a gypsy existence that has allowed me to be an artistic sponge of sorts; unknowingly soaking up the sights and sounds of each place.

My first stop was northern Mexico. Then I headed off to my home town, San Francisco Ca. My nomadic tendencies then summoned me to Los Angeles, where I began packing my bags for Bahia Brazil. I traveled through northeastern Brazil feeling surprisingly at home. Reluctantly I returned to Los Angeles ,where I began assembling a new album. This project is the culmination of this pilgrimage. The stories in my current material are reflective of the life I’ve lived and of lives I’ve seen in my travels. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for all of your continued support.
Peace and Blessings,
Adriana Evans

The emphasis above is mine because Bahia, Brazil is one of my favorite places in the world and I also felt right at home there. And Brazil has certainly influenced Adriana’s music. (You can hear several of the songs on the CD at KDSMusic.com) The tracks ‘Remember Love’ and ‘My Former Self’ have a real strong Bahian flava. Other stand-out tracks, which showcase Adriana’s incredible range, are ‘Midnight in Bahia’ and ‘I Hear Music’.

It’s great to hear Adriana’s voice on some new material. I’ll be picking up the CD this weekend. (Those of you in Atlanta can get it at Moods Music in Little Five Points if you don’t want to order it from one of the sites linked above.) If you’re a fan of so-called ‘Neo Soul’ you should check out both of Adriana’s CDs.

P.S. I think Adriana needs a weblog to help increase the Google PageRank of her site. Hopefully my considerable Google dap 🙂 will bump her up into the top 10 results when searching on her name. If so, you owe me Adriana! 🙂

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The New Sweetback CD is FINALLY Being Released

It’s been far too long (8 years) since Sweetback’s last release. Their new CD, which was supposed to be released a couple of months ago, is set for a June 22 release. You can preview the songs at their website. I hate to say it but judging by the snippets I’m hearing as I type this I may have to pass. 🙁

Amp Fiddler’s CD, on the other hand, has a much better feel to it, IMHO. I’m listening some of his tracks for the first time on EJ’s Radio.Blog. He’s also provided some Lewis Taylor, Beady Belle and a few other artists, including my (long lost) girl Adriana Evans (oh where, oh where have you been?!?!?!).

Diggin’ in the Crates: Boogie Down Productions & KRS-ONE

I was in the barber shop a couple of weeks ago and they were bumpin’ BDP’s Ghetto Music at the request of my barber. So during our conversation about how ill Kris is, and the current state of hip hop I got the idea of doing a Radio.Blog featuring KRS-ONE. You already know that I rate him as the G.O.A.T.
For those of you who aren’t very familiar with Kris’ music here’s your chance to take a listen. Many of the new school rappers could learn a lot from studying Kris’ work — substantial lyrics, switching styles, enunciation, breath control, how to rock a live show, etc.

Update: These tracks are now gone. Check out a newer Radio.Blog post.

Some comments on many of the tracks:
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KRS-ONE, Still Teaching

I just came across an interview with KRS-ONE over at Vibe.com. ( via Robotic Claptrap) Some of my favorite parts:

“Your hip hop conference is not a hip hop conference if I’m not there,”

But I only hope that one day hip hop can become a university course. Because it’s that course at the university that will show you what to do with every other degree you got. This is why the university needs me. I will show their students what to do with their degree. That’s the one missing link that the university doesn’t have: you give a degree, but you don’t tell nobody what to do with it. The attitude of universities is, “You paid us for the degree, we gave you what you wanted, now bounce.” But the university, whether I like it or not, is the think pool for America. You want to influence America, your ass better be in the university

VIBE Online: Have you been asked by Bill O’Reilly to be on his show?

KRS-One: Never! He’ll never invite me. When the Ludacris thing with Pepsi happened we called them right away to say, “There is another voice that you need to hear.” But they don’t want to hear it. They need to pull Cam’ron on there. But when they put Cam’ron on, 50 million people in the United States said, “Why don’t you have KRS-One? Why don’t you have Chuck D? Why don’t you have Talib Kweli?” That’s the un-knowing. That’s when you don’t do nothing and justice appears.

I would ruin him. It’s beyond an interview. I would ruin his career. You don’t battle KRS-One. You know what it is. I’m not just trying to win; I’m trying to destroy you. Period. And I will. So when I get in front of Bill O’Reilly record the show and label it the “Death of Ignorance.” They don’t want me on that show.

You’ve gotta love Kris for telling it like it is. I’ll have to check him out next time he speaks in Atlanta.

On a related note, I’ve been sitting on a huge KRS-ONE Radio.Blog post for a couple of weeks now. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to upload the songs by tomorrow.