Adriana Evans… Call it a Comeback

This morning I was pleasantly surprised to learn that one of my favorite singers, Adriana Evans (a.k.a. Adriana Madera) , has released a new CD, entitled Nomadic. (Thanks EJ) It’s been seven years since her self-titled debut CD dropped, but it seems like I’ve been waiting twice that long for some new music from her. The title of the CD is very appropriate because Adriana has been on a fantastic voyage. The following is the welcome message on her site:

Dear Friends,

The last few years of my journey since my first record have been all about exploration. My current musical expression is really the soundtrack of that adventure. I have been living somewhat of a gypsy existence that has allowed me to be an artistic sponge of sorts; unknowingly soaking up the sights and sounds of each place.

My first stop was northern Mexico. Then I headed off to my home town, San Francisco Ca. My nomadic tendencies then summoned me to Los Angeles, where I began packing my bags for Bahia Brazil. I traveled through northeastern Brazil feeling surprisingly at home. Reluctantly I returned to Los Angeles ,where I began assembling a new album. This project is the culmination of this pilgrimage. The stories in my current material are reflective of the life I’ve lived and of lives I’ve seen in my travels. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you for all of your continued support.
Peace and Blessings,
Adriana Evans

The emphasis above is mine because Bahia, Brazil is one of my favorite places in the world and I also felt right at home there. And Brazil has certainly influenced Adriana’s music. (You can hear several of the songs on the CD at The tracks ‘Remember Love’ and ‘My Former Self’ have a real strong Bahian flava. Other stand-out tracks, which showcase Adriana’s incredible range, are ‘Midnight in Bahia’ and ‘I Hear Music’.

It’s great to hear Adriana’s voice on some new material. I’ll be picking up the CD this weekend. (Those of you in Atlanta can get it at Moods Music in Little Five Points if you don’t want to order it from one of the sites linked above.) If you’re a fan of so-called ‘Neo Soul’ you should check out both of Adriana’s CDs.

P.S. I think Adriana needs a weblog to help increase the Google PageRank of her site. Hopefully my considerable Google dap 🙂 will bump her up into the top 10 results when searching on her name. If so, you owe me Adriana! 🙂

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