Cuban Music: Crossing Borders

I just got an email about this upcoming show on BET: CUBAN MUSIC: CROSSING BORDERS JUAN DE MARCOS AND THE AFRO-CUBAN ALL STARS WHAT: Journey with BET into the soul-stirring musical world of Cuba, with the fascinating producer, musical director, performer Juan De Marcos as your guide. WHEN: On BET This Sunday, 1 p.m. On… Continue reading Cuban Music: Crossing Borders

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Electronic Music Guide

All you electronic music (such a wide-ranging category) fans should check out Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. This is a very well done guide, with flowcharts detailing the off-shoots of the main genres. And of course each genre has sample songs. (via CapsGetPeeled – reminds me of that old Ice-T song ‘Peel Their Caps Back’..… Continue reading Electronic Music Guide

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Tony the Chameleon

My brother, Tony, has just added 3 new skins to his weblog, Technically Speaking. Check it out and remember that I taught him everything he knows. 😉 He also just passed 20,000 visits… He’s trying to catch up to me… I’d better step up my posting frequency.

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Poor Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson should have stuck with his ex-wife, Monica. (At least there would have been some business sense in the family.) As he’s filing bankruptcy, she’s turning a serious profit on Mike’s old crib: 50 Cent put a lot more on his new mansion in Connecticut. The rapper just purchased the home that once belonged… Continue reading Poor Mike Tyson

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Quentin Tarantino’s Old School

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t like all the CGI in movies these days. And I don’t blame him. I can think of several movies that went way overboard with CGI, like the avalanche scene in XXX, or the concept of the Hulk. Though I’m not as hard-core as Quentin, I wouldn’t mind seeing less of the bad… Continue reading Quentin Tarantino’s Old School

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The Identity Blogging Meme

In case anyone hasn’t seen this meme yet, Prometheus 6 has a post which tracks many of the posts in the Indentity Blogging Meme. It’s a very interesting discussion which I’ve finally gotten around to reading. It all started by Cecily @ Formica asking ‘What does it mean to be a black blogger’. It’s since… Continue reading The Identity Blogging Meme

Another PBS Race Documentary

PBS is airing a new documentary entitled Matters of Race. Although part one aired yesterday, they’re showing it again over the weekend here in Atlanta — so check you local listings. (via Prometheus 6 and’s Race Relations blog)

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NBC’s Smoking Crack!

It amazes me how companies do things to piss off their (most fervent) customers. NBC has altered the start and end times of some of their Thursday night shows apparently to keep TiVo (and other PVRs) users from recording certain CBS shows. Here’s what they’ve done: 8:00 Friends 8:48 Will & Grace 9:27 Coupling 9.59… Continue reading NBC’s Smoking Crack!