Poor Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson should have stuck with his ex-wife, Monica. (At least there would have been some business sense in the family.) As he’s filing bankruptcy, she’s turning a serious profit on Mike’s old crib:

50 Cent put a lot more on his new mansion in Connecticut. The rapper just purchased the home that once belonged to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

50 bought the 48,000 sq. ft., 52-room mansion with servants’ quarters and a boat house for $4.1 million from Tyson’s ex-wife, Monica Turner Tyson.

The boxing champ signed the house over to her for $1 as part of a divorce settlement. He bought the home in 1996 for $2.7 million.

(via EURWeb)


  1. I have only a few rooms and I am challenged keeping up with them. What do you do with 52 rooms? Now that is truly “bling-bling”!!

  2. No james, it is truly stupid-stupid. No one with one hit record should be buying a 52 room house. People with real wealth, meaning a generation or two and a couple hundred million at least, can afford to buy and keep a place like that. Not someone who is new to the money. Anyway, Mike didn’t have so much luck in it, how does 50 know its not jinxed?

  3. You’re right about that Walter. Music business money is ephemeral as hell. But hey, what 50 did is exactly what most American’s do, just on a smaller scale. (not that that makes it right, or wise) I just hope he doesn’t start buying a bunch of cribs all over the country/world. If that happens, I’ll really be worried about him.

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