But When Them Come To Arrest a Black Man…

.. they need 30 cops or more… Like KRS-ONE said on his song ’30 Cops or More’ (just so happens that I have that song in my Radio.Blog right now):

Video appears to show LAPD officer hitting suspect

A Los Angeles Police Department officer pursuing the driver of a stolen car Wednesday was seen on videotape appearing to beat the suspect after he apparently had surrendered.

Mayor James Hahn said the videotape jeopardizes reforms made in the wake of similar incidents and will test the “bond of trust” with the community.

Video shot from news helicopters shows the suspect running for a short distance before slowing to a stop, apparently opting to surrender to officers pursuing him on foot.

The suspect appeared to raise both arms and drop to his knees. The first arriving officer drew his weapon, but put it back in his holster and then tackled the suspect, forcing him to the ground.

The second officer also jumps on the suspect, who is on the ground in a prone position, while a third officer arrives and appears to kick him in the head. This same officer then drops to the ground, takes out his flashlight and can be seen swinging down at the suspect’s head area 11 times. He also appears to use his knee to strike the suspect.

The video shows other LAPD officers arriving on foot and surrounding the suspect, who remains motionless on the ground.

Looks like old habits die hard with the LAPD. I certainly don’t miss getting pulled over by them b/c they thought I was driving a stolen car. My mindset was so jacked up when I lived there b/c not only would I have to worry about getting car jacked while driving but I was also worried about getting harassed by them. So here I am, minding my own damn business and I start sweating every time I see a cop. And to think that people thought N.W.A., Ice Cube and others were making shit up when they wrote songs critical of the police pre-Rodney King. If it wasn’t for all these video cameras most people would STILL think bros were imagining all of this.

Punk ass cops…..