My Backlogged TiVo

This is an answer to WizBang’s question ‘What’s The Oldest Item On Your TiVo?’ Like Kevin, I also have an upgraded TiVo. Mine has a capacity of 150 hours (at the worst recording quality). And believe it or not, I’m in a never ending battle to keep from filling up the drives. Anyway, the oldest… Continue reading My Backlogged TiVo

New Technorati Features

I just noticed that Technorati is now listing outbound links in addition to the inbound link cosmos from a blog. There are also some other new features: Technorati Profiles A new feature you may have noticed at Technorati is Member Profiles. They’re an easy way to find out more information about the people behind the… Continue reading New Technorati Features

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Ghostwriting & Hip-Hop

Yesterday I was having a discussion about whether or not Dr. Dre can be considered a rapper. The discussion quickly digressed into the topic of ghostwriting. For those that don’t know, here’s a definition of a ghostwriter — ‘One who writes for and gives credit of authorship to another’. The practice of ghostwriting in hip-hop… Continue reading Ghostwriting & Hip-Hop

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Try On Some Naked Music

If you’re like me, you’ve grown tired of listening to the same old stuff on the radio and the various video channels. Through the years as I’ve turned less and less to my beloved Hip-Hop, I’ve ventured into the Acid-Jazz, Drum & Bass, and 2 Step arenas. But my latest discovery quickly became one of… Continue reading Try On Some Naked Music

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Link Dump

Here’s some stuff I came across while surfing: All of you wannabe human beat boxes can learn to beatbox via this article and tutorials. Trying to find that special gift for your wife/girlfriend/concubine? Get her some Nipple Huggers. 🙂 This is a spider. This is a spider on drugs. Check out this narcoleptic dog. The… Continue reading Link Dump

India Debates ‘Racist’ Skin Cream Ads

Maybe the people using these products would like to sign up for — A recent row over a television advertisement for a skin-lightening cream has fuelled a debate in India over why fairer skin should be considered more beautiful. And I thought we African-Americans had issues. 🙂 Via Anil (of course) and