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Free Hosting and Movable Type Install

The BlogSpot Jihad continues. Kevin, over at WizBang, has gathered a group of volunteers to install & set-up Movable Type for people wishing to take advantage of 1&1‘s free 3 years of hosting deal. (That deal seemed too good to … Continue reading

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Shots from the 2003 Sydney Auto Show

Vanilla Shots has just put up a gallery of pictures taken at the Sydney Auto Show. There are some nice (real nice) cars over there — peep the Nissan 350z Convertible, the wild looking Subaru, the beautiful Porsche and all … Continue reading

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Painting a Coloured Life

While I’m on my world tour I thought I’d give props to minha amiga Ani over at Painting a Coloured Life. I’ve had her blog on my blogroll for a while now. Originally I was looking for some Portuguese blogs … Continue reading

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Indians Taking Over Modeling?

According to the story accompanying this picture of former Miss India/Miss Universe Lara Dutta, Indians are bum rushing the modeling industry. If they all look like her I can understand why.

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More Drum & Bass Online

Here’s some more for you D&B and electronica fans. These are sites with mixes posted (via the Drum & Bass Tribe at Drum& HyperDub BassDrive

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Check Out BBC Radio

Prometheus 6 (P6) was nice enough to share his discovery of the BBC’s 1Xtra music site. I’ve spent the whole day bumping their content. This, in my opinion, is what radio is supposed to be. They’ve archived a gang of … Continue reading

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James Seng’s Bayesian Filter for Fighting Blog Spam

Let me first say that James Seng is the man! A few days ago he provided the world with his excellent CAPTCHA-based spam solution for Movable Type blogs. Now he’s created another spam blocker which uses a Bayesian filter. This … Continue reading

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The Boondocks in Color?

I just noticed that the weekday Boondocks are in color on my myYahoo! page. Yet the ones that I get emailed daily, from uComics are still black & white. I wonder if Yahoo is colorizing them, or if the other … Continue reading

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What Matrix Persona Am I?

Charles pointed me to this quiz. I’m not the least bit surprised at the result (One cool, bad muthaphuka.. shut your mouth). One of my favorite lines for many years now is “I can only show you the door…” Morpheus … Continue reading

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Add Feedster Search to Mozilla Firebird’s Search Box

Diego has written a plugin which adds Feedster to Mozilla Firebird’s search box. Have at it.

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