?uestlove Breaks it Down

The Believer Magazine has an excellent interview with Ahmir ‘?uestlove’ Thompson of the Roots. If you’re a hip-hop fan I highly recommend it. Read it to find out:

  • why crack is responsible for hip-hop

  • if ?uest is ‘dried out’ on hip-hop

  • why he keeps buying the same records multiple times

  • details about the afro… bruh hasn’t had a haircut since 1989!

  • all kinds of wacky shit about D’Angelo (that was one hell of a tour!)

  • the connection between De La Soul & The Roots

  • ?uest’s thoughts on sampling

  • ?uest’s top 5 MCs… no Tupac… ha ha! (paragraph 2 of this post explains why I laugh)

Hat tip to George, Anil & Monique

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