Who Would Have Thunk it?

I was just checking out this week’s NCAA Men’s Basketball polls and was pleasantly surprised to see Duke and Stanford ranked 1 & 2, respectively, in both polls. I have to give Stanford coach Mike Montgomery much dap on his record at Stanford through the years. He arrived at Stanford after Tom Davis left because he felt the university had too strict of an admissions policy, which was hampering his recruiting. Apparently that hasn’t stopped Montgomery from doing his thing. And I never knew how important a coach was until that season a few years ago when Duke’s coach, Mike Krzyzewski, was sick and the team just fell to pieces. Coach K is clearly the man. This is an impressive showing by both coaching staffs at these two academically demanding schools. (Bring on March Madness!)

AP Top 25
1. Duke (45)
2. Stanford (24)

1. Duke (25)
2. Stanford (5)

Edit to add: Wow, even more impressive is the fact that the Duke women are ranked #1 in both polls as well. They’re ballin’ over in Durham. (Stanford’s women’s team is #6)

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