Upset City!

Needless to say, my NCAA Tournament brackets are totally jacked up. Not only did Stanford, who I picked to win it all, lose, but Kentucky, who I had losing to Stanford in the championship game, got upset this weekend as well. I can’t recall there being so many major upsets this early in previous years. Adding Mississippi’s loss to the mix means that three of my Final Four teams will be watching from home. So now two number 1 seeds and two number 2 seeds are out. My only surviving FF team is Wake Forest. But that’s what I love about college basketball. On any given day an underdog can take out a number one team. You gotta love March Madness for that. I also find it so ironic that St. Joseph’s is still alive, given all the controversy about them getting a number 1 seed. Billy Packer must be feeling pretty silly right about now.

I’m now ranked #377,661 (53rd percentile) in the Yahoo contest, with little hope of moving higher. Oh well, I guess I’ll go back to rooting for Duke to win it all. I’ll also be pulling for Nevada — now that’s a team that’s fun to watch.

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