What’s on My TiVo

Here’s what’s in my TiVo’s Season Pass Manager. They’re not necessarily in order from most favorite to least favorite. The shows that air multiple times per week have been pushed lower in the list to avoid conflicts with shows that only air once. That’s why the HBO shows are down so far, for example. You’ll note that I have a lot of Auto-Record WishLists as opposed to just using Season Passes (SP). There are several reasons for that. First is that SPs are channel specific while WishLists(WL) are not. So a WL allows the TiVo to avoid conflicts by finding programs across multiple channels. Second, I may have set some of these up while a program was not listed in the guide data. Like with ‘Nip/Tuck’, it’s currently on hiatus, so I wouldn’t be able to select it in TiVo’s listing in order to get a SP. But I could still set up a WL for it. This is a great way to catch a specific movie you want to see but don’t know when it’ll be on again. And the final reason is that I may want TiVo to do broad searches, like the ‘Law Order’ WL will record all 3 of the Law & Order shows, ‘Ken Burns’ will pick up anything he directed, etc.

  1. Survivor WL

  2. CSI WL

  3. Law Order WL

  4. The Shield SP – The best cop show on TV, besides ‘The Wire’.

  5. Nip Tuck WL – Another great new show by FX.

  6. Frasier SP

  7. Enterprise WL

  8. Lakers WL – catches any Laker game.

  9. Girlfriends SP

  10. Half & Half SP

  11. My Wife and Kids SP

  12. The Bernie Mac Show SP

  13. Pardon The Interruption WL – This show is made for a PVR. They show you what topics are coming up and have a timer counting down the time on each topic. Skip away!

  14. The Tracy Morgan Show SP – Gotta get my Tamala Jones fix!

  15. MTV Cribs WL

  16. Real World WL

  17. Road Rules WL

  18. The Wire WL

  19. Sopranos WL

  20. Carnivale WL

  21. Six Feet Under WL

  22. Curb Your Enthusiam WL

  23. Real Sports WL

  24. Simpsons WL – Amazingly, I never watched this after the first season. So now I’m catching them in syndication.

  25. Bulls and Bears SP

  26. Cashin’ In WL

  27. Diary WL

  28. Samurai Jack SP – My favorite cartoon… too few new episodes though.

  29. Dinner for Five SP

  30. Inside the Actor’s Studio SP

  31. Slamball WL – This is fun as hell to watch.

  32. Ride with Funkmaster Flex SP

  33. Fresh Gear SP

  34. Apprentice WL

  35. The Screen Savers SP

  36. Soul Train WL

  37. All of Us SP – For my LisaRaye fix 🙂

  38. Star Wars Clone Wars WL

  39. Def Poetry WL

  40. Chappelle’s Show SP

  41. Tavis Smiley WL

  42. Thirsty Traveler SP – Combines drinking and travel. What’s not to like?

  43. Bob Costas WL

  44. Sports Reporters WL

  45. America’s Next Top Model SP – I don’t know how I got hooked on this show. They dogged my girl Mercedes yesterday!

  46. Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica SP – Jessica is always good for laughs!

  47. Spoke ‘N’ Heard SP

  48. The Music Room SP – A great music show.

  49. Yo! SP – Catches rare airings of old Yo! MTV Raps content.

  50. Inside Africa SP

  51. Caliente SP

  52. Maher WL

  53. HBO First Look WL

  54. Ken Burns WL

  55. Making the Band II SP

  56. The Biz SP

  57. Deadwood WL

  58. Now Who’s Boss SP

  59. Pimp My Ride SP

I also had a few WLs for certain college basketball teams. I’ll put them back in next season.


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  2. Now see!!! If every I destroy all the Tivo’s, I know where to go to catch up on all my shows.. You have just about everything that I watch on ther 🙂

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