Why is That?

The article ‘No Outrage Over Foreign Invasion‘, raises the issue of why there is such protest over black teenagers going into the NBA draft, but no protests over the European teens going pro. The same question could be asked about why nobody cares when white tennis players, golfers, or baseball players turn pro straight out… Continue reading Why is That?

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Kobe = 2/3 LeBron

Nike just signed Kobe Bryant to a $40 – $45 million, 5-year deal. That works out to about 2/3 of LeBron James’ $90 million, 7-year deal. So is Kobe only worth 66% of LeBron? I guess time will tell, but the article linked earlier does a good job of explaining the discrepancy. I know one… Continue reading Kobe = 2/3 LeBron

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