Apprentice 2: Bradford, You Dumb MoFo!

I just finished watching last night’s episode of The Apprentice 2 and I’m still LMAO at what happened to Bradford. What a bonehead! As soon as he decided to revoke his immunity I knew he was a goner. Hubris is a mutha… He and Jennifer C. need to learn when to shut their damn mouths. It sure made some great TV though. Me thinks that there’s gonna be lots of drama on that Apex team this season.

Some other thoughts about/around the show:

  • While the little battle between Mark Cuban and Donald Trump is mildly entertaining, ‘The Benefactor‘ has nothing on ‘The Apprentice’. Yeah Mark, you show is ‘aight’ so far, but it remains to be seen whether it can reach the level of ‘The Apprentice’.

  • I think I’m finally over Survivor. I’ve watched it every season but I’m not even moved to watch the season premiere that’s sitting on my TiVo right now. I think it’s partially just played out and partially due to having the Apprentice as a substitute. I’m seriously considering deleting my Season Pass for Survivor.

  • -sigh- Stacie J… Why sista, why? She wasn’t too bad on episode 2, but on the premiere I was just thinking ‘Omarosa revisited’. I’m still holding out hope that she can gel with the team.
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  1. i think i’m over reality tv. i didn’t catch much of apprentice 1 and i don’t plan to watch 2. i’m not going to bother with cuban’s show. survivor vanuatu is boring as hell so far. i’m glad football is here.

  2. Hope unrewarded… Stacie’s overmatched azz got the boot yesterday. I thought how Jennifer and Elizabeth shifted the focus from their going over budget on their project to Stacie’s alleged mental problems was foul (yet deft and shrewd), but Stacie dug her own grave with her performance and her inability to control her emotions. The giggling and shit when she found out what a shipment of a couple thousand tubes of toothpaste looks like made me cringe. The brotha (Kevin) seems sharp though. Let’s hope he represents. Although this is only a TV show, as a corporate employee, I can’t help but to wonder how the performance, perceived or otherwise, of Omarosa and now Stacie has impacted how hiring managers feel about providing deserving Blacks opportunities in corporate America.

  3. Excellent points Jef. I was trippin’ off of how all of those women were saying dumb shot like “I was scared for my life” and “It was the most horrifying thing I’d ever seen”… Give me a damn break! But, to their credit, they did accomplish thei mission.

  4. Yeah Mike. They laid it on thick. While part of their concerns may be legit, a lot of it is cultural. In my experience, I have found that whites generally fear Blacks and, oftentimes, misinterpret personality characteristics that would not raise an eyebrow to other Blacks. In my own professional life, I find myself having to actively control my tone, body language, the words I use and my speaking volume just so my white colleagues feel more “comfortable” and so I can get my work done. It’s almost a losing proposition. I am still waiting for a reality show that places whites in the minority…

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