Comment Spammers are Wilding Out

I just took a look at my MT-Blacklist statistics and was shocked by what I saw. A couple of weeks ago I noticed an increase in the amount of comment spam that was slipping by the blacklist. So I decided to add some items of my own to the filter. I’m not going to list the terms that I added (in case any spammers are watching) but they’re easy enough to figure out. OK, I’ll mention one — I added the “URL Pattern” ‘texas’ to block all the “texas holdem poker” spam. I added nine other similar items to my blacklist. Collectively they’ve blocked about 1,500 messages in about two weeks. What would we do without MT-Blacklist???

On a related note, are they just giving “.info” domains away for free? Probably 95% of the spam attempts come from (ridiculously long) “.info” domains. Spammers are registering new domains faster than we can add them to blacklists. Somebody stop the madness.

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  • I’m using WordPress, and the Texas Hold ‘Em people have hit me pretty hard too, though it only took blocking about ten URLs or so for most of my spam to go away.

  • Deb

    I feel your pain. I’ve been fighting the same scumbags in WordPress and, too, have added additional filters.

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  • Wow, thats alot of blocked messages, its ridiculous. I recently got Blacklist and I’m glad I did. The feature that stops comments on “old” posts has proven to be especially helpful.

  • Hashim

    Typepad has decresed my comment by tens. I’m so happy with there service, eveb though I can’t use Typekey yet.

  • There has been a crazy upswing lately it seems, and there are a few repeat knuckleheads that seem to be responsible for most of it. I swear, if I could get my hands on two in particular, the things I would do to them… A jury of my (blogging) peers would never convict me, I figure. In the meantime, it’s filter, filter, filter.

  • I thought I was the only one getting hit hard lately. It almost makes me want to snatch down my blog…just kidding!

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