Comment Spammers are Wilding Out

I just took a look at my MT-Blacklist statistics and was shocked by what I saw. A couple of weeks ago I noticed an increase in the amount of comment spam that was slipping by the blacklist. So I decided to add some items of my own to the filter. I’m not going to list the terms that I added (in case any spammers are watching) but they’re easy enough to figure out. OK, I’ll mention one — I added the “URL Pattern” ‘texas’ to block all the “texas holdem poker” spam. I added nine other similar items to my blacklist. Collectively they’ve blocked about 1,500 messages in about two weeks. What would we do without MT-Blacklist???

On a related note, are they just giving “.info” domains away for free? Probably 95% of the spam attempts come from (ridiculously long) “.info” domains. Spammers are registering new domains faster than we can add them to blacklists. Somebody stop the madness.


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  2. Wow, thats alot of blocked messages, its ridiculous. I recently got Blacklist and I’m glad I did. The feature that stops comments on “old” posts has proven to be especially helpful.

  3. Typepad has decresed my comment by tens. I’m so happy with there service, eveb though I can’t use Typekey yet.

  4. There has been a crazy upswing lately it seems, and there are a few repeat knuckleheads that seem to be responsible for most of it. I swear, if I could get my hands on two in particular, the things I would do to them… A jury of my (blogging) peers would never convict me, I figure. In the meantime, it’s filter, filter, filter.

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