Technorati’s Convention Bloggers Coverage

Technorati, which is sporting a new design, has a new feature which is tracking the Democratic convention bloggers, as well as other bloggers from the Right and the Left. It’s formatted in a 3 column layout a la WatchBlog. It looks like a good way to keep up with what’s being said, although some of those bloggers are posting way too much, IMHO. Here’s what’s up:

We’re offering a new way to monitor politics in weblogs during and after the Democratic National Convention.

Type in a search term above-such as “National Security,” or a journalist’s byline, or the URL of a recent news article-to find out what bloggers are saying about any related article or blog post that appears on the Web.

Below the search box, you’ll see continuously updated links and excerpts of posts from the most authoritative political blogs, organized into four categories: liberal bloggers, conservative bloggers, DNC-credentialled bloggers, and all three combined.

And for more in-depth information about weblogs and how to get the most out of them during the conventions, check out our Blogging Basics and our Guide to Following Weblogs During the Conventions.

This is a new service for us, and we are working constantly to improve it. Tell us what you think.

Congrats to Prometheus 6 who is on the list of Liberal bloggers.

Also, there’s a really interesting graph on that Guide to Following Weblogs During the Conventions. Here’s what it shows:

Top Weblogs are like major media sites. Blogs in this category have surprising influence: they’re becoming must-reads for politicians, journalists, and a public eager for diverse opinions and perspective. Graphic proof: in the “Bloggers and Big Media” chart below, of the top 40 blogs and traditional media sites ranked by inbound links, about half are weblogs. (But the top four sites are still traditional media sites!) Because these blogs have many readers (Glenn Reynolds’s Instapundit has a million page views per month, which ranks with major metropolitan daily newspapers), these bloggers predominantly engage in one-way communication and have little time to communicate with much of their audience.

Of course inbound links don’t necessarily relate to readership, but I was real surprised to see several blogs ranked above major media sites like the LA Times, USA Today, MSNBC and SF Gate. Power to the people! 🙂

Update: As P6 points out Technorati is all screwy right now, as it has been for weeks. Perhaps they need to put the ‘beta’ back on their URL. What a horrible time to have such operational failures… just when the spotlight is on them.

Second Update: There’s now a Kinja Digest of the convention bloggers that seems to be working much better than Technorati.

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