Lakers get Gary Payton!

Looks like the Lakers have signed Gary Payton. What a great acquisition for them, and it surely will shake up some other teams. The Western Conference playoffs are gonna be incredible next season. People are already calling them the favorite to win it all next year. But I have to wonder how Kobe feels about all of this. My guess is that he would rather not have a ‘stacked’ team so that he can prove himself. Oh well, we’ll worry about that later.


  1. yeah baby!!! The rest of the league had better watch out I still have that Haterade in the fridge waiting for you.

    It does seem very likely that Kobe will bolt after next season to be ‘the man’ on another team. I can’t say that I blame him. It’s time for a new challenge for him.

  2. The lakers will definitely be the favorites with the addition of GP. Personally, I think adding the Mailman is a bit much. A role player like Juwan Howard or PJ Brown would be a better fit. I don’t see Malone remaining a happy mailman if he doesn’t get the amount of touches he’s used to.

    I’m not convinced Kobe will leave. If he does he has to go somewhere that has as large a spotlight as LA. That pretty much rules out most cities. The only places I can see him considering would be NY and Miami. Or how about a return home to Philly, that would be interesting

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