Technology Brain Dump

  • I saw this very cool game, Lifeline, on Fresh Gear this morning. No joysticks with this game, it’s controlled by voice commands. This adds a whole new dimension to the video game experience. Not only do you have to react quickly, but you also have to be able to come up with the correct words to control your agent.

  • PlayFair – This program allows you to decode iTunes Music Store protected-AAC files to unencrypted AAC files with no quality loss. This was up at SourceForge last week, but they removed it at Apple’s request. So this Indian site, is now hosting it. Once again, there’s no stopping what can’t be stopped.

  • Sweet custom car install for an iPod Mini

  • Great story about a self-proclaimed luddite who is now an Apple computer lover. I was exclusively a Macintosh user while I was in college. When I started working I had to switch to Windoze (3.1 at the time). I’ve always felt that Windoze was a cheap imitation of a Mac. Although the gap has closed a lot, I still would love to switch back to being an Apple user. One of these days…

  • I got an alert from Google’s Web Alerts last night that a new link had been made to my blog. It was from a site called Kinja, which I’d never heard of. Judging by all the links to Kinja on Technorati, I’ve clearly been out of the loop. (Thanks to Charles, my blogging Sensei, for adding me to his Kinja list.) For those that still don’t know about Kinja, it’s basically a web-based NewsReader which is aimed at getting the ‘average web user’ into reading blogs. (This is Nick Denton at work again.) I think it’s a great idea and the site looks great. I’m gonna mess around with it some more over the next few days.

  • SharpMT – I’ve been using w.Bloggar for about a year now and I really like it. But it would be nice to have access to all of MT’s options/fields from my blogging client. I thought Zempt would be the answer, but it appears that development has stalled on that project. So I came across SharpMT the other day, and based on the comments I’ve read it looks like a winner. I’ll be installing it today. I’m also gonna check out Prometheus 6’s MTClient. Now to find a blogging client for my Treo 600…

Edit to add these that Anil just posted:

  • Spike – This is a tool I’m going to put to use immediately. Spike is a networked clipboard. From Spike’s home page: “When you share a Spike clipboard, you see a clipping as soon as it is copied on the source machine. You can immediately drag that clipping into your own document on your own machine, and save valuable time.” Sweet!

  • SimpleViewer – SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewing application. The demo is very impressive. Look out Gallery, SimpleViewer may be taking over.

  • Amazon’s A9 Search Engine – Amazon jumps into the search fray. They’re providing an A9 toolbar too.