Don’t Pimp My Ride

I just caught up with the last two episodes of Pimp My Ride. As usual they were very entertaining, but I always come away with the same thought: “Why in the world would people put so much money into worthless cars?” The only possible exception to this was the ’67 Mustang. I was glad to hear Q from West Coast Customs agree with me on the episode with the Mitsubushi Mirage. He said, “We’re about to put $20,000 into a $900 car. Sounds crazy?… It pretty much is.”

If I were the owner of one of those cars, I’d immediately sell the car or strip it and sell all the new parts. I’d then take that cash and go buy a decent, reliable car. For one thing, after the whole world seeing all the merch in your car you’d be the biggest mark ever. That’s not cool… especially not in L.A. I also doubt whether most of the owners could afford to maintain their new cars. I’m especially thinking about replacing those expensive-ass tires they were lucky enough to be hooked up with. Oh, and another thing — they don’t seem to do any engine work on those cars. Given the general condition of the cars, I can’t imagine that the engines are in good shape. (Again, the Mustang is the exception.) So these people are still driving buckets even after all that money was poured into improving the cars. The choice is clear… SELL!

Another TV show note — I’m really looking forward to the finale of The Apprentice, especially after Omarosa’s shenanigans on the last episode. My theory is that she was ‘acting a fool’ at the request of the producers just to throw a monkey wrench into Kwame’s program. I think they want see how he handles that situation. My suggestion is that he send Omarosa packing.

Also note that Dateline NBC is doing a couple of specials on The Apprentice this week, starting tonight.

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  1. That Mustang was tight though. From the sound of it, that engine didn’t need much work. I coveted that bad boy the whole time. Their only fumble was the corny-ass sky mural on the inside of the car. I guess it’s cool for surfer-girl though.

    And you’re right, those clunkers generally ain’t worth it. But since MTV scores with ad placements during the show and West Coast Customs is getting hellified publicity out of this, it’s a win all the way around. Of course, you made some valid points about the ability of the owners to maintain their newly pimped-out rides. And LA ain’t the most crime-free place on earth. LOL!

  2. I think that pimp my ride is a mint show. I think that even though West Coast Customs puts all this money into shit box cars..The street value of the car goes UP..I mean come on now that truck that they put the ping pong tabke in wiht theh game cube and the 2 bazooka tubes was CRAZAY! I also enjoy watching the show..Even if they are pieces of shit…After they go on pimp ride ride..They are worth crazy dough…So thats what i think about Pimp My Ride.

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