You Have to Check Out Spike!

I just added a little note about Spike, the networked clipboard, to my earlier technology post . But now that I’ve installed it I have to give it some more light. Simply stated, Spike is the sh!t. (Apple’s Rendezvous technology gets a lot of the credit too.) I’ve only used it for a few minutes and I’m already hooked. Now I can easily cut & paste between my desktop Windoze 2000 machine and my Windoze XP notebook. You can also share between Windows and Macintosh. The bast part is that all I had to do was install Spike on both machine. No configuration, no logging in — it just worked straight out of ‘the box’. If you have multiple machines you must check Spike out.


  1. Humm, this looks kinda of cool. I may try it out just so I can stick my tongue out at my Mac head friends and say “I can share with you…” LOL

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