Yahoo! Swings Back at Google’s GMail

Damn you’ve gotta love competition! Over the last few days I’ve noticed that my Yahoo! Mail’s spam folder was holding a ton of messages, but they weren’t chewing up my allotted storage space as they usually do. Today I discovered why — Yahoo! has changed their policy so that now the bulk/spam folder no longer counts towards a user’s space allotment. They’ve clearly done this to combat the flood of people who would have switched to Google’s GMail, which gives users 1 gigabyte of storage for free. And I was itching to make that move. Yahoo was wise to make this change in policy b/c now I don’t really see the need to switch and I’m sure thousands of other people will feel the same. Now they need to make POP/IMAP access free as well.


  1. And I was just getting ready to jump into GMail. I haven’t seen in what I’ve read about it if POP3 email is enabled in GMail though. That’s the real stickler for me right there.

  2. I hear ya. I’m sure I’ll sign up for GMail too. I’m just not as pressed to leave Yahoo as I was when the spam was eating up all my space.

  3. I am in love with Yahoo. Not just email but Yahoo games, fantasy sports, news alerts, companion, bookmart, launch, and of course I would never leave yahoo. Yahoo is the beast. I have a gmail account but so far I don’t find it that amazing. I don’t like the fact I can’t delete an email. I can put it in the trash can but it won’t disappear.

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