The Leftover, a New Progressive Satire Magazine

Here’s a shameless plug to help out some fellow alumni. 🙂 I just received the following message about The Leftover:

Like The Daily Show or The Onion?

Then check out The Leftover (, a new progressive satire magazine started by Stanford alums. The first edition’s top news stories include:

Iraq To Allegedly Be Most Democratic Democracy in the Universe, Scientists in Uproar
Congress Approves “No Child Left Behind” Field Trip Policy, Teachers Wary
The Philippines to Build Military Base in Minneapolis, Protesters Demand Meatballs

Other features include opinion and advice columns, interviews, and a calendar of events.

The Leftover was started by a group of Stanford alums interested in combining humor and social justice. Check out to read humorous articles and learn more on movements for social change.

The Leftover has just recently been launched and we need your help in several areas:

  1. Please help us publicize it through methods such as:
    – Telling family, friends, and colleagues
    – Email relevant listserves (or post on relevant discussion/bulletin boards) such as alumni, humor, and progressive lists or boards (no spam please) or networking lists such as Friendster, Orkut, and The Facebook
    – Link to The Leftover (
    – Refer to The Leftover on your blog or other media sources (newspaper, tv, radio)
    If you have other marketing suggestions, please email them to
  2. We are looking for writers. Please email if you are interested.
  3. We will soon launch advertising on The Leftover website. We offer great packages, and you will be able to reach some key demographic audiences. Advertising would be ideal for progressive organizations, candidates, and products (e.g. progressive books) as well as products with a comic element (e.g. comedies). Email for more information.
  4. Please provide us with feedback, e.g. the best and worst features of the magazine and ways to improve it.